Ephesus Museum, Selçuk, Turkey

Last Updated on June 27, 2022

The Ephesus Museum (Efes Müzesi) in the town of Selçuk holds the best of the archeological objects excavated at Ephesus, a few artifacts from Ephesus‘s great Temple of Artemis (the Artemision), and finds from some of the many other significant ancient HellenicHellenistic and Roman cities in the region.

Located near the tourism office in the Selçuk town center, this appealing museum preserves many of the archeological treasures, including marble statues of the Anatolian fertility goddess Cybele (Artemis), statuettes of the god Priapus, and a lovely little bronze statuette of a boy on a dolphin which you’ve probably seen in photos.

The museum makes a good stop after you’ve visited the Ephesus archeological site, and before you visit the St John Basilica and İsa Bey Mosque on Ayasoluk Hill nearby.

If you’re interested in archeological sites, this region abounds with them. Consider spending a day doing the Priene-Miletus-Didyma Tour.

For more on what to see nearby, see the Selçuk homepage.

—by Tom Brosnahan

Ephesus Archeological Site

St John Basilica

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Priene-Miletus-Didyma Tour

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