İzmir Public Transport Fares

Last Updated on November 16, 2023

İzmir Public Transport Fares

Izmir is served by many modes of public transport: Metro, İZBAN suburban trains, ferryboats, trams, city buses, and mini buses (dolmuş).

Transportation Cards

Most accept these two methods of payment:

3-5 Bilet, ( üç-beş bilet), a three-fare disposable card ( valid for 35 days from the first use). If your stay in Izmir will be very brief, this is your best bet. Note that it cannot be used to make transfers.

İzmirim Kart, a durable and reloadable plastic card, bought for a small amount, then loaded with as much credit as you think you might use. If you plan to stay in Izmir for more than a day or two, this card is a great option. Additionally, the Izmirim Kart can be used at select locations for bike rentals, as well as a cable car, recreation area, ice rink, and select car parks.


Purchasing Locations

In order to purchase either type of card, visit a ticket kiosk found at the airport, ferry terminal, major metro station, Izban train station, or from sales points located around the city. Izmirim cards can only be refilled using cash. It’s possible to reload your card online, however, the Izmirim Kart site is not available in English. 

Fare Cost

As pricing can fluctuate, visit ESHOT’s official site for the most current information.  When using the Izmirim Kart, you will receive a discount on transfers (within 90 minutes) between different modes of transportation, such as taking the ferry then using the metro or tram. There is no price difference for the initial full fare when taking the ferry, metro, or tram in the city. 

When taking the Izban, the fare is calculated by distance. A larger amount is deducted from your card when entering the Izban and the excess will be refunded, but only if you tap after exiting the Izban. After passing through the turnstiles, follow other passengers as they head for various card points to tap out and receive a refund of the unused portion of the fare. This same process applies to transits between the Izban and other forms of transportation.

Dolmuş & Taxi

Dolmuş, a type of mini bus, is another way to reach your destination. Only cash is accepted on board of most mini buses and you will need to ask the driver for the fare cost as it can vary. 

Taxis accept cash and many have the capability to accept debit and credit card payments.  There is a surcharge for using a card, though. Drivers automatically use the taxi meter and there are no additional charges whether you hail a cab from the street, visit a taxi stand, or call a taxi to pick you up. 

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