Transport to/from Aydın, Turkey

You get to Aydın by carbus or train. The nearest major airport is Izmir‘s Adnan Menderes Airport.

There’s intense bus traffic east and west along the Meander River valley, so it’s pretty easy to pick one up at Aydın’s otogar (bus terminal).

Trains travel between Izmir and Aydın several times daily, but they’re slower than the buses. More…

Distances & Travel Times

Adnan Menderes Airport (İzmir): 100 km (62 miles) NW, 1-1/2 hours

Aphrodisias: 95 km (58 miles) SE, 2 hours

Bodrum: 171 km (106 miles) SW, 3 hours

Denizli: 125 km (78 miles) E, 1-3/4 hours

Ephesus (Selçuk): 45 km (28 miles) W, 45 minutes

İzmir: 110 km (68 miles) NW, 1-3/4 hours

Kuşadası: 65 km (40 miles) W, 1-1/4 hours

Marmaris: 157 km (98 miles) S, 3 hours

Muğla: 101 km (63 miles) S, 1-1/2 hours

Nazilli: 39 km (24 miles) E, 40 minutes

Pamukkale: 143 km (89 km) E, 2 hours

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