Ilıca Beach, near Çeşme, Turkey

Last Updated on May 7, 2019

Ilıca (pronounced UH-luh-jah) is a beach resort district of the town of Çeşme, at the tip of the peninsula west of İzmir.

Ilıca’s long, golden sand beach is the main draw for vacations here, who come to stay in its resort hotels(including the huge Sheraton Çeşme Hotel Resort & Spa, with its own Conference Center), admire the plentiful beauty of its broad bay ringed with mountains, take the sun on the beach, and bathe in the warm salt water.

Hundreds of seaside villas supplement the hotels for lodging.

Inland from the beach is a lively commercial area of shops, restaurants and services.

Minibuses circulate all day and evening between ÇeşmeIlıca and Alaçatı, linking these holiday districts and making it fairly easy to spend the day in one and the night in another. More…

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