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Çeşme and Alaçatı are two fascinating and popular tourist destinations in İzmir, Turkey. They are mostly known for their sandy and top-quality blue flag beaches. Besides their scenic beaches, both are also known for being lively and extremely crowded at night. 

Alaçatı is located approximately 77 km (48 miles), and Çeşme is 87 km (54 miles) due west of İzmir at the end of the peninsula. With the help of the map here, you can easily locate their positions. (map

Almost all transportation methods are available to travel to Çeşme. However, you can't go to Çeşme directly via air or railway transportation.


If you are going to Çeşme with a car, a fast otoyol (expressway) goes from İzmir all the way to Alaçatı and Çeşme, making it possible to drive the distance in less than an hour. The Alaçatı exit is the last one before the end of the highway at Çeşme. (Here's how to pay the toll.)

In case you are traveling from another city, it is so easy to go to Çesme once you arrive in İzmir because you only need to follow the 032 Çeşme highway. After a while, you will see Çeşme’s shining sea under the sun during your journey. The toll fee is reasonable, and depending on the traffic jam, it takes less than an hour to go to Çeşme. 

Bus and Minibuses

Bus transportation is possible via the buses of the Çeşme Seyahat company. You can go to Çeşme or Alaçatı from both Fahrettin Altay bus terminal or Uçkuyular bus terminal located to the south of the center of İzmir (map). The bus service is frequent and efficient, operating every 15 minutes from 6 am to 6 pm. You can purchase your ticket either online or at the terminal. However, it is important to mention that you must be early if you don't buy your ticket online because tickets are sold so fast during late hours. Çeşme Seyahat bus will stop at three main destinations in order; Çeşme, Ilıca, and Alaçatı. It is also possible to get off anywhere you want if it is on the way. This flexibility adds a plus point for traveling with  Çeşme Seyahat.

Most of the buses continue from Uçkuyular to İzmir's Büyük Otogar (main bus terminal), from which it's easy to catch onward buses north to Bergama or south to Selçuk/Ephesus, Kuşadası, Bodrum, and other destinations.
You can find numerous bus companies at Çeşme Otogar, and they operate between major cities.
If you are going to Alaçatı from Çeşme, you can take  the Çeşme-Ilıca-Alaçatı minibus departs from Çeşme Centre, from the lot just south of the Tourism Information Office to the Otogar. (bus terminal)

On your way back to İzmir or another city, note that Çeşme's bus terminal (Otogar) is inland, a few blocks from the bay on the İzmir road, about a 15- to 20-minute walk from the main square or the harbor (Liman)

City Bus

You can go to Çeşme from İzmir via city bus easily. First, you should take Fahrettin Altay-Urla (984) bus, and once you arrive in Urla, you should take the Urla-Çeşme bus (760). However, it takes a lot of time compared to normal buses and minibusses.


Ferryboats arrive in Çeşme from the Greek islands and dock at the Liman (harbor), easily visible across the bay from the main square. It's only about a 15-minute walk around the bay from the square to the Liman. It only takes 20 minutes to pass to Chios by ferry.


It is worth mentioning that taxi fares are two times more expensive than İzmir. There are upcoming price increases, so it is important to take them into consideration. Even close destinations are expensive compared to Izmir.

Private Transfer

You can travel with a private car dedicated solely to Çeşme trips. There are several companies that can take you from İzmir/ Adnan Menderes Airport to  Çeşme and Alaçatı.

Distances & Travel Times

Çeşme - Alaçatı: 10 km (6 miles), 15 minutes

Istanbul: 700 km (435 miles), 8 hours

İzmir: 77 km (48  miles), 50 to 75 minutes

İzmir's Adnan Menders Airport: 90 km (56 miles) SE, 60 to 85 minutes by car, 2+ hours by bus

Selçuk (Ephesus): 125 km (78 miles), 2 hours by car, 3 hours by bus

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