Mount Ida (Kazdağı), Turkey

Last Updated on November 24, 2023

Kazdağı, the ancient Mount Ida, is north of Edremit in northwestern Anatolia, in the area known in ancient times as the Troad ("land of Troy").

Suffused with legends and history, Kazdağı (KAHZ-dah-uh, 1774 meters, 5820 feet) today is an excellent place to get away from it all, do some hiking or mountain biking, horse riding, nature walks, and relaxing in the midst of natural beauty.

Where to Stay

The İliada Hotel at Kalkım, deep in the forests on Kazdağı (map), is the best base for a mountain and forest sojourn. Plenty of outdoor activities are offered, but there's also plenty of opportunity just to kick back and relax. Contact Argeus Tourism & Travel for reservations.

The 39-room Kazdağı Göknar Hotel is another fine choice, with an outdoor pool, hiking trail in the mountains, and other activities nearby. Breakfast and Wifi are included. More...

Six-day Self-Drive Aegean Tour

You may also want to ask about their Six-day Self-Drive Aegean Tour from Istanbul via GallipoliÇanakkaleTroyAssos,Mount Ida and Bergama (Pergamum) to Ephesus and Selçuk. The tour includes two relaxing nights at the İliada Hotel.

Legends of Mount Ida

According to ancient legend, all sorts of divine goings-on took place on Mount Ida, as the gods charmed, seduced, tricked, married and betrayed one another.

Perhaps the most famous story is told by Homer, who wrote that the Olympian gods watched the Trojan War from the summit of Mt Ida.

Zeus was rooting for the Trojans, his wife Hera for the Achaeans. Because Mount Ida had always been a mountain sacred to goddesses, Hera's powers of seduction were at their height. She distracted Zeus from his support of the Trojans, the Achaeans entered the city through the ruse of the Trojan horse, and the rest is history.

İliada Hotel
Yaykın Mevkii,
17560 Kalkım, Turkey

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