Alaturca Restaurant, Göreme

Last Updated on July 6, 2022

Right in the center of Göreme TownAlaturca is a large, airy, elaborate restaurant with good service and cuisine at fair prices.

The decor is enhanced with artifacts from the countryside, antiques from Cappadocia's old homes, handicrafts and works of art.

The menu lists numerous traditional Turkish dishes enhanced with modern techniques. Style of presentation is important, but no more than the flavor of the food. Service is professional and attentive.

For all of this, Alaturca would not be judged an expensive place to dine if it were in Istanbul, and your final bill will seem fair compared to a similar meal in a large city.

My favorite restaurant in Göreme, however, is Seten Anatolian Cuisine, just up the hill from Alaturca. More...

Alaturca Restaurant
Göreme, Nevşehir (Cappadocia), Turkey
Tel +90 (384) 271 2882
Fax +90 (384) 271 2176

—Tom Brosnahan

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