Galeri Kayseri English Bookshops

The most convenient English-language bookshop in SultanahmetGaleri Kayseri, is actually two shops almost across the street (Divan Yolu) from one another.

The older shop at No. 58 is a small place with a good selection of books in English on Istanbul, Turkey, their history, culture, arts and cuisine.

The newer shop, Bookshop Istanbul, is at Divanyolu Caddesi No. 11, up the hill a bit on the opposite side of the street, near McDonald’s.

You can buy my humorous travel memoir, Turkey: Bright Sun, Strong Tea, at either shop.

Both shops are just uphill from the Sultanahmet tramstop on Divan Yolu.

Bookshop Istanbul
Divan Yolu Caddesi No. 11
34410 Sultanahmet, Istanbul
Tel +90 212 516 3366
[email protected]
Galeri Kayseri
Divan Yolu Caddesi No. 58
34410 Sultanahmet, Istanbul
Tel +90 212 512 0456
[email protected]

—by Tom Brosnahan

Turkey: Bright Sun, Strong Tea

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