Hatay/Antakya Transportation

Last Updated on May 7, 2019

You can go to Antakya, at the eastern end of Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, by car, bus or plane.

Antakya is not served by train. There are normally trains to Iskenderun, but they are not running now. Otherwise, the nearest train station is north at OsmaniyeAdana is a major rail junction.

Most buses from AegeanMediterranean and Central Turkey come via Adana. Antakya has a modern otogar(intercity bus terminal). More…

All road transport (car and bus) from Adana must come over the Belen Pass.

The Hatay Airport (HTY), 19 km north of Antakya at Serinyol (map), is closest, but has fewer flights than does Adana‘s Şakirpaşa AirportMore…

Distances & Travel Times

Adana: 190 km (118 miles) NW, 3 hours

Adıyaman: 321 km (200 miles) NE, 6 hours

Ankara: 680 km (423 miles) NW, 12 hours

Gaziantep: 200 km (124 miles) SW, 4 hours

İskenderun: 58 km (36 miles) N, 1 hour

Istanbul: 1130 km (702 miles) NW, 18 hours

Kahramanmaraş: 180 km (112 miles) N, 3.25 hours

Osmaniye: 115 km (72 miles) N, 2 hours

Şanlıurfa: 345 km (214 miles) NE, 6.5 hours

Tarsus: 230 km (143 miles) NW, 3.5 hours

—by Tom Brosnahan

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