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Last Updated on April 25, 2019

Perhaps the indispensible resource is the Village-to-Village Turkey Road Atlas (Köy Köy Türkiye Yol Atlası), scale 1\400,000, covering the entire country in more than 200 maps. It’s available from Tulumba, and also from many of the better bookshops in Turkey.

Tulumba sells the Mapmedya series at various scales from 1/6000 for town plans to 1/300,000 and 1/550,000 for regional maps. Examples:

Cappadocia Plan & Map (Kapadokya Planı ve Haritası), 1/300,000.

Mediterranean Region Highway Map (Akdeniz Bölgesi Karayolları Haritası), 1/550,000.

The MapMedya maps are also sold at many shops in Turkey.

Ancient Lycia, 1/250,000, prepared and distributed by Sabri AYDAL, sabriaydal@mynet.com, Uluç Mahallesi, Çamlica Sitesi, C Blok No. 22, Antalya, tel +90 (242) 288 4686, shows the beautiful region between Fethiye and Antalya (including the Lycian Way) in good detail.

The Turkish Touring & Automobile Association(Türkiye Turing ve Otomobil Kurumu) published a two-map set at 1:850,000 which is useful if—as with most maps in Turkey—not strictly accurate at all times.

GPS Maps

Here’s info on using your GPS device in Turkey. More…

—by Tom Brosnahan

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