Top 3 Best Restaurants in Göreme

Last Updated on January 9, 2023

Top 3 Best Restaurants in Göreme

Cappadocia is known for many things such as its underground cities and hot air balloons. But it’s also a place to enjoy some unique Turkish cuisine. While you can find the typical Turkish kebab with rice and vegetables anywhere in Turkey, what you need to try in Cappadocia is the local specialty of “testi kebab translated to “jug” in Turkish and also called “pottery kebab” in English.

This famed dish is a specialty in the region that’s prepared in a terracotta clay jug under a hot clay tandoor oven.  It features a base of meat with fresh vegetables including tomatoes, onions, eggplant, and potatoes. Everything is cooked all together, simmering in its own juices for hours. For plant-based diets, many restaurants also offer a vegetarian option. Usually covered in bread or foil to keep the steam in, the only way to open this jug is by cracking it open. Once it’s ready, you’re presented with a show where your waiter cracks open the fiery jug unlocking the savory and delicious aroma of your testi kebab. Afterward, its contents are poured into a plate for you, with a side of rice. It’s flavorful and the show makes it a memorable experience. If this has gotten you hooked already, read below to find out some of the top-rated restaurants in Göreme.


Cappadocian Cuisine

Cappadocian Cuisine is a restaurant located on a quiet street in the center of Göreme. They offer a variety of different pottery kebabs at reasonable prices with high-quality taste. Besides the pottery kebab, they offer casseroles, pides (Turkey’s version of pizza), and sigara böreği. Sigara böreği are deep-fried phyllo pastries filled with meat or cheese. Cappadocian Cuisine is a great spot to visit for a nice, casual lunch during the day.


Topdeck Cave Restaurant

Topdeck Cave Restaurant is a unique family-run business located inside a cave. While offering guests an authentic cave-dining experience, their menu consists of different types of mezzes and main dishes. While they don’t offer the famed pottery kebab, you can find traditional Turkish meals at Topdeck Cave Restaurant like kebabs and sigara böreği.



Inci Cave Restaurant

Inci Cave Restaurant is a warm and welcoming restaurant next to Zara Cave Hotel. With a large menu, they offer items other restaurants don’t have like spicy grilled shrimp, a hummus plate, and pastrami. Additionally, Inci Cave Restaurant has one of the best pottery kebab shows where guests can try to crack open the hot jug themselves, giving people a memorable experience. This place is perfect for a romantic dinner or night out with friends and family. We recommend making a reservation beforehand as it can get crowded in the evening.


Overall, while Göreme has hundreds of different restaurants around this popular town, we hope this list helps you decide on where to eat during your stay. Turkey Travel Planner recommends trying the famous pottery kebab due to its regional specialty in Cappadocia. We have high hopes that you’ll love it and the great show that comes with it too!

-by Sonia Anand

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