Private Vehicle Import to Turkey

Last Updated on January 22, 2024

It is possible to import your vehicle, or even a rental/hired car, temporarily to Turkey, subject to Turkish Customs regulations.

The following is my interpretation of an informational document from the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Customs and Trade website. The text below is not an official document! The text of the original document is pretty turgid, so I've just tried to make it easier to read. The official document is on the Turkish Customs website in English.

Please do not contact me with questions about Turkish Customs regulations. I have no more information than is presented here, I am not an official source of information, and I will only direct you to contact a Turkish consulate.

Temporary Import of Visitor Vehicles

1. If you reside in a country of the European Union (EU) or the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), you may import your vehicle to Turkey for private, non-commercial use, for up to one month in a year without paying Customs duty.

2. For longer imports, or if you live in a country other than one of the EU or EFTA, you may import your vehicle if you have been living outside of Turkey for at least 185 days out of the last 365 days.

3. You may import your vehicle up to the maximum number of days allowed for your visit. Thus, if you are permitted to visit Turkey for up to 180 days, you must export your vehicle by the end of that period. The maximum number of days for temporary import is 730.

4. Your vehicle must be duly registered in your country of residence, and will be entered in your passport upon import. The vehicle must be exported with you when you depart Turkey; or it must be surrendered to a bonded Customs warehouse for empoundment during your absence from Turkey. Storage fees may be levied.

5. If bringing a vehicle to Turkey is for the first time ever, retired persons may import their vehicles without paying Customs duties.

6. A vehicle entering Turkey must show Turkish Customs a certificate of ownership (or a rental car contract) and insurance coverage valid in Turkey for the entire period of the expected stay.

7. The person importing the vehicle, if not its owner, must present relevant Powers of Attorney validated by their embassy, consulate or notary public attesting to the permission of the owner as validated by the relevant officials in the person's home country, such as customs office, city government, police department, court of law, automobile association, international automobile federation, international touring alliance, and/or corporate officers or executive board.

8. The following actions are unlawful and subject to penalty:

—Use of the vehicle for purposes other than those for which it was imported (ie, you cannot use your private vehicle for commercial purposes)

—Lending or renting the vehicle to others

—Not exporting the vehicle before the end of the legal term of importation

—Not entrusting the vehicle to Customs personnel for empoundment as required

—Sale of the vehicle within Turkey

—Use of the vehicle by someone other than the person who has been granted the right of temporary import

—Replacing, without legal permission, parts or accessories imported with the vehicle

—Tom Brosnahan

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