2023 Best Hair Transplant Clinics in Istanbul

Last Updated on January 29, 2023

Hair Transplants in Istanbul

Most people are constantly looking for ways to improve their looks. Part of this includes finding a way to treat hair loss. The good news is that many options are now available for hair restoration, including hair transplants.

Istanbul is becoming increasingly popular as a destination for hair transplant procedures. It's considered among the top locations for this type of procedure due to its high-quality care and relatively low costs.

The city offers a wide range of facilities and clinics specializing in hair transplant procedures, such as stem cell treatments, FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), DHI (Direct Hair Implantation), and more.

Keep reading to learn more about hair transplant procedures and why Istanbul is becoming the go-to destination for those looking to restore their lost hair.

Top 4 Clinics for Hair Transplants in Istanbul


ClinicExpert is an international healthcare hospital located in Istanbul. They specialize in surgical and non-surgical aesthetic treatments, including dental aesthetics, hair transplants, bariatric care, eye surgery, rhinoplasty, liposuction, and more. ClinicExpert has treated over 95,000 patients from over 150 different countries. They focus on high-quality service and provide private transportation, five-star accommodations, multilingual staff, and after-care support. Located in vibrant Istanbul, it doesn't just undertake procedures but also provides comprehensive visitor experiences that combine high-level client care, first-class accommodation, and recovery support.

Istanbul, Turkey

Turkeyana Beauty Clinic

As the top beauty clinic in Turkey, Turkeyana offers a wide range of aesthetic operations including rhinoplasty, liposuction, hair implants, and of course, dental work. One of their most popular procedures, the “Hollywood Smile” is a non-surgical cosmetic operation that involves placing veneers over the teeth to produce a bright and beautiful smile. They offer free consultations, transportation, accommodation and travel planning help. With over a thousand patient reviews and testimonials, Turkeyana the top recommended clinic in Istanbul and perhaps all of Turkey.

Istanbul, Turkey

Natural Clinic

Natural Clinic is located in Istanbul, Turkey. Natural clinic is known as the one-stop-shop for all your cosmetics needs. They provide hair transplants, cosmetic treatments, plastic surgery, and dental services. This highly-rated clinic provides dental implants, endodontic surgery, and much more. Natural Clinic has over 900 reviews on Google and is a great choice for any international patient looking for affordable, high-quality dental care. Treatments available include aesthetic dentistry, dental implants, orthodontics, and more.

Istanbul, Turkey


With close to 1000 Google reviews and many more satisfied customers, Clinicana is one of our top recommended clinic for hair transplants in Istanbul. Clinicana uses the most advanced and modern hair transplant methods known to the hair transplant world. This method is called FUE and is performed by extracting follicles from other parts of the head or beard, and re-implanting them in the balding areas. Not only is this technique fairly painless, but the recovery can happen in as little as 7 days. This new method doesn't leave scars while some older methods do.

Istanbul, Turkey

Hair Transplant Procedure

A hair transplant involves grafting hair follicles from a donor to a recipient area of the scalp. The process is minimally invasive. It takes between 6 to 8 hours. During this time, hair grafts are extracted from the donor area.

Physicians commonly extract hair from the back and sides of the head. These areas don't experience hair loss, so they contain hair suitable for use in hair transplants.

The hair grafts are then carefully placed onto the recipient area. It can be done using various techniques, such as DHI (Direct Hair Implantation), FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), and stem cell treatments.

Direct Hair Implantation

The DHI hair transplant technique is popular in Istanbul. It is a one-step procedure where the hair follicles are transplanted directly into the recipient area. It eliminates hair follicle extraction and allows for faster hair regrowth.

The grafts are placed using the hair transplantation device known as Choi Implanter Pen. The tool inserts hair grafts into the scalp to allow for hair regrowth.

Stem Cell Treatment

The stem cell hair transplant is a new and innovative hair restoration procedure. It involves harvesting hair follicles from the donor area and injecting them into the thinning areas.

The technique is more effective than other hair transplants. It involves using active hair follicles more likely to survive in the new environment.

Stem cell treatment is relatively costly, but it is becoming increasingly popular in Istanbul.

You should research hair transplant clinics in Istanbul before you choose a hair restoration procedure.

Follicular Unit Extraction

The FUE method involves extracting hair follicles from the donor area using a specialized tool. The hair grafts are then individually placed into the recipient area of the scalp.

It is a time-consuming process, but the results are natural-looking hair regrowth. If you're looking for a hair transplant in Istanbul, this technique is an excellent option.

You should consult your hair transplant surgeon to determine which hair transplant technique is best for you.

Istanbul Hair Transplant Cost

The hair transplant cost in Istanbul can vary depending on the type of hair restoration procedure you choose. Generally, hair transplants are more affordable in Istanbul than in other cities due to the city's competitive hair transplant market.

The cost of hair transplant treatment includes hair grafts, anesthesia, hairline design, and surgeon's fees. You should also consider additional costs, such as medications and post-operative care.

The cost of hair transplant treatment may also depend on hair loss severity, density needs, and hair follicle type. For instance, hair grafts with hair follicles more resistant to hair loss may cost more. Also, hair transplants with hair follicles that can regenerate faster may cost more.

Researching and comparing hair transplants in Istanbul clinics before booking an appointment is important. Prices can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, so it pays to shop around.

Note that hair transplants are considered permanent solutions for hair loss. However, you may need multiple hair transplant sessions if your hair continues to thin.

When considering costs, don't forget to factor in quality, as hair transplant results depend on your chosen hair transplant clinic.

For instance, hair transplants performed by experienced and skilled hair surgeons can produce better hair regrowth. Therefore, finding a hair transplant clinic in Istanbul with a proven track record of successful hair transplants is important.

Best Hair Transplant Clinic

A competent hair transplant clinic will offer hair grafts tailored to your hair loss pattern and density needs. It should also have a team of experienced hair surgeons and technicians to ensure the hair transplants are successful.

In Istanbul, you can find world-class hair transplant clinics offering excellent results. They provide hair grafts of the highest quality and employ hair surgeons with years of experience in hair restoration procedures.

Here are our top recommended hair transplant clinics in Istanbul that have proven to be reliable and effective hair loss solutions.

Why Get Hair Transplants in Turkey?

With hair transplant clinics like Clinicana, Natural Clinic, and Turkeyana Beauty Clinic in Istanbul, hair transplants are becoming increasingly popular in Turkey.

Hair transplant Istanbul clinics offer hair grafts of the highest quality, experienced hair surgeons, and hair restoration treatments that are affordable and long-lasting. Istanbul hair transplant clinics provide hair regrowth solutions tailored to the client's hair loss pattern, density needs, and texture.

Hair transplants in Istanbul provide hair grafts that look natural and undetectable in appearance. With hair restoration treatments like hairline design services, hair transplants can produce hair regrowth results that look natural and long-lasting.

These hair transplant clinics are your best bet if you're looking for hair transplants in Istanbul. You can get hair grafts of the highest quality and hair restoration treatments tailored to your hair loss pattern, density needs, and texture.


Safety Standards

Many international clients choose Turkey as a reliable and affordable option that continually strives to incorporate technological and medical advancement in the hair transplant industry. 

Although hair transplant clinics in Turkey offer the most sophisticated treatments at an affordable price, they do not sacrifice quality, safety, or professionalism.

As with other medical and dental tourism destinations in Istanbul, clinics and medical professionals work hard to retain their reputation. They continue to build on that foundation by offering international patients superior choices in healthcare services.

Hair transplant experts in Turkey have a wealth of knowledge supported by experience in this highly personal treatment field. Clients rely on these experts to transition them through the entire treatment process.

Because Turkish hair transplant clinics use the latest treatment options, they also have a high success rate. Patients pursuing hair treatment options must choose clinics with a solid reputation.

Patients who select Istanbul for their hair transplant can rest assured that Turkey is at the forefront of this advanced medical treatment. Doctors in Turkey will gladly offer consultation and provide all the details about the treatment's success and risk involvement. 

FAQ about Hair Transplants in Turkey

Thinking about getting hair transplants done in Turkey? As with any kind of trip, there are questions you want to know the answers to beforehand. With so many reputable hair transplant clinics, it can be hard to know which one to choose and why, when to go, and where. We are here to help. Below is a curated list of frequently asked questions, so that you can enjoy your trip, and leave the research up to us.

How much are hair transplants in Istanbul compared to other countries?

Istanbul is a world-renowned hair transplant mecca for a quarter million patients yearly. In North America or Europe, transplant prices can range from upwards of $10,000 to 20,000 for a full FUE (follicular unit extraction) transplant treatment.

FUE is an advanced, widely used hair transplant treatment option. Clients who choose Turkey have access to some of the world's best surgeons, technicians, clinics, and state-of-the-art equipment.

In Turkey, the average price for an FUE transplant hovers between $1500-3000. This transplant is on par, if not superior, to other international destinations. The cost of the treatment fluctuates depending on the type of transplant clients require.

For many clients, clinics in North America or Europe are not an option because of the expense. These clients might turn to other countries for opportunities. For North American clients, Mexico is often an alternative. However, Mexico is often three times as expensive as Turkey.


Comparisons for Turkey vs. Mexico:

  • FUE transplant in Turkey ranges from $950 upward
  • FUE transplant in Mexico ranges from $2599 upward

Similar to dental tourism, many hair transplant clinics offer treatment packages that include extras like transport, accommodations, and follow-ups.


Istanbul is an excellent destination for hair transplants. The city offers hair grafts of the highest quality. Clinics provide hair restoration treatments that are long-lasting and tailored to the hair loss pattern, hair density needs, and hair texture of the client.

With experienced hair surgeons, hair technicians, and hairline design services, hair transplants in Istanbul can produce hair regrowth that looks natural and is undetectable in appearance.

Whether you're looking for hair restoration treatments like hair grafts or hairline design services, Istanbul hair transplant clinics offer all types of treatments. You can expect hair regrowth results that are long-lasting and natural in appearance. 

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