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Last Updated on January 12, 2024

The Velena Travel Bosphorus Tour offers a unique way to see many historic landmarks along the Bosphorus Strait. Their luxury yachts will pick you up and travel up the European coastline of Istanbul and then return down the Asian coastline, all the while educating you on the history of the buildings and landmarks.

In this way, visitors can sightsee and take in the city's history.

Why Velena Travel Bosphorus Tours?

Mr. Serdar Cengiz started Bosphorus Tours 15 years ago with two of his friends in college. The group knew that the Bosphorus Strait deserved better options for tours and experiences and that modern cruise tours were a great opportunity to show off the beauty and history of Istanbul.

Bosphorus Tour offers a variety of cruises in which you can see the incredible views of Istanbul by sailing between Europe and Asia on the Bosphorus all the way to the Black Sea.

What is Included in Velena Travel Bosphorus Tours?

The tours allow you to sightsee along the Bosphorus, a narrow strait that forms one of the most important areas of the continental divide between Europe and Asia. 

Each cruise ranges from 2.5 to 5 hours of relaxation and sightseeing along the strait. In addition, you are given the option to take a group tour of up to 30 people or a private tour of your choice. Each of the cruises is affordable and an unparalleled experience. During the cruise, there are several available snacks to choose from, including traditional Ottoman beverages, baklava (an Ottoman sweet dessert pastry), fruit, sherbert, coffee, and tea.

The tours are not overcrowded, allowing for a much more enjoyable experience than many other cruise tours available. They also all feature an interactive guide to explain the history and sights along the Bosphorus, hotel pick-ups and drop-offs, as well as exceptional service and staff.

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Experience the Bosphorus with Many Tours Options of Velena

Velena Bosphorus Tours has many different tour options for visitors looking for something special.

Bosphorus Sunset Tours

Mr. Sedar Cengiz said they started the Bosphorus Sunset Tours so people could see the Bosphorus in the daylight, at sunset, and at night – a beautiful transition. For 60 euros for a limited capacity of 30 passengers, this relaxing evening cruise gives you a unique perspective of the amazing scenery of the most picturesque waterway and historic sights of the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman Empires.

Cruise Hours: Depends on the season:

  • From November to February, the sunset cruise commences at 16:00 and concludes at 18:30.
  • From March to April and September to October, the cruise departs at 17:00 and wraps up at 19:30.
  • From May to August, the cruise embarks at 18:30 and returns at 21:00.

Cruise Type: Sunset Tour 

Cruise Price: 60 Euros

Beginning in January, Velena Bosphorus Tours begins conducting sunset tours every evening, allowing more opportunities to see the stunning sunset over the Bosphorus in Istanbul. Free refreshments are offered during the 2.5-hour journey, which includes delicious appetizers, authentic Turkish baklava, a tray of seasonal fruits, soft drinks, bottled water, and a variety of hot beverages like tea and coffee. Moreover, hotel pick-up and drop-off service is available to centrally located hotels in Istanbul.

Bosphorus and Black Sea Cruise with Lunch

Bosphorus and Black Sea Cruise with Lunch Tour offers a 5-hour lunch tour on the Bosphorus up to the Black Sea. For 80 euros, guests can enjoy traditional Turkish specialties before experiencing the Galata Tower and Bosphorus Bridge and cruising into the Black Sea

Cruise Hours: From 12:00 to 17:00

Cruise Type: Lunch Cruise

Cruise Price: 80 Euros

The lunch tour also includes a tasty two-course lunch with fresh seasonal fruits, salads, and entrees. Hotel pick-up from Fatih and Taksim Areas is possible and there is also commentary from their professional tour guides to entertain you along your journey in the Bosphorus Sea. 


Check out what others are saying about Velena Travel's Bosphorus tours instead of just reading about how amazing they are from us.

“The yacht experience was one of a kind for us!” - Upasana C

I booked this cruise with six of my friends, and we have nothing but nice things to say. They have a sweet deck and provided blankets to us, knowing it could get pretty cold. We were served nuts, sweets, tea, and fruits on our ride. They gave us great insights regarding the different places along the riverfront. The sunset was beautiful. Duygu and Betul took our group pics and helped us out with the smallest of our needs. All in all, it was a great experience.

“It is a must-try!” - Shravan S

The route along the coasts, both Europe and Asia, was beautiful. The ship is very stable and comfortable. All the monuments and impressive buildings were highlighted by the crew and were easily visible from all the decks. The background information and context set up by the guide allowed us to understand the significance of all the buildings. It was interspersed with a lot of witty humor that also lightened the mood and gave us quite a few laughs. There was a break at the midpoint of the tour where you could enjoy homemade Turkish yogurt with either jam or honey. Overall, it was a very enjoyable tour. Very much recommended for the first time in Istanbul.

“Our dolphin sighting was also an amazing plus!” - Samantha C

Highly recommend this cruise. Amazing views of the Bosphorus and surrounding monuments, especially wonderful if you don’t have many days/don’t want to walk to all of the classic tourist destinations in Istanbul. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and funny, making the trip well worth it! Complimentary snacks and soft drinks were a lovely touch, and alcohol was available for a reasonable purchase price.

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