Turkey: Bright Sun, Strong Tea

Last Updated on May 2, 2019

Turkey: Bright Sun, Strong Tea, my humorous travel memoir, tells how I got involved with Turkey in the first place (as a US Peace Corps Volunteer in the 1960s), how I became a travel writer, and what it’s like to be one (best job in the world?)

It’s not just my personal adventures. I wrote it to include a lot of background information on Turkey and the Turks so that it would be good airplane and end-of-the-day reading for anyone going to, or traveling in Turkey. It also (dare I suggest it?) makes a good gift for anyone taking a trip to Turkey. It’s now available also as an ebook.

Order the ebook through the Google ebookstore, or see below to order the paper book (US$15.95 + shipping).

Want to read some of it? Here are excerpts and photos. You can even search the entire book for topics of interest:

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Click here to order your copy online (ISBN 0-9767531-0-3, 304 pages, US$15.95), or click here to order the ebook.

It’s not available in your local bookshop. Here’s why.

You will find it in bookshops in Turkey: the book is published in Istanbul (in English) by Homer Books (Homer Kitabevi), Turkey’s largest publisher of English-language books. It’s on sale at the Homer Kitabevi bookshop near Galatasaray Square, and at other good English-language bookshops in Istanbul, and other bookshops throughout Turkey. But you may want it to read on your flight to Turkey.

Here are reviews by Hugh Pope (author and Wall Street Journal correspondant in Turkey), Alan Adasiak (Turkish Daily News), James Dunford-Wood (TravelIntelligence.net), and Joan Peterson, author of Eat Smart in Turkey.

Looking back, I’m astounded at how big a part blondeschampagne and tea have in the tale….

By the way, Turkey Travel Planner has lots more info on bright sun (Turkey’s climate) and Turkish tea.

Excerpts from Turkey: Bright Sun, Strong Tea

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