Turkish 4: New-Old, Hot-Cold

Last Updated on April 30, 2019

Here’s Lesson 4, New-Old, Hot-Cold, Words 32 to 40(short lesson today—only 9 “words”…but they’re really all pairs of words.)
32 hot/cold sıcak/soğuk suh-JAHK/soh-OOK
33 big/small büyük/küçük bew-YEWK/kew-CHEWK
34 new/old yeni/eski yeh-NEE/ehss-KEE
35 open/closed açık/kapalı ah-CHUHK/kah-pah-LUH
36 not … … değil deh-YEEL
37 It exists/ doesn’t exist Var/yok VAHR/YOHK
38 And/or Ve/veya VEH/veh-YAH
39 Good/bad İyi/fenah EE-ee/ feh-NAH
40 Beautiful/ugly Güzel/çirkin gew-ZEHL/cheer-KEEN

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