Turkish Lesson 5: Where Is…

Last Updated on May 30, 2023

Turkish Lesson 5, Where Is..., Words 41 to 50.
In Turkish, the place you're looking for—bus station, hotel, toilet, restaurant—comes first in the sentence, followed by nerede ("where is...").
41 Where is a/the ... ? ... nerede? NEH-reh-deh
42 __railway station __Gar/istasyon __GAHR, ees-tah-SYOHN
43 __bus station __Otogar __OH-toh-gahr
44 __cheap hotel __Ucuz bir otel __oo-JOOZ beer oh-TEHL
45 __toilet __Tuvalet __too-vah-LEHT
46 __restaurant __Lokanta __loh-KAHN-tah
47 __post office __Postane, PTT __POHSS-tah-neh, peh-teh-TEH
48 Room Oda OH-dah
49 Shower Duş DOOSH
50 Bath Banyo BAHN-yo

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