Turkish Lesson 5: Directions & Places

Last Updated on April 8, 2024

In lesson 4, you learned common Turkish adjectives and their antonyms, which will be useful while shopping and eating. Now, we are taking you a step further.

GPS apps, such as Google Maps, have become essential in today's world because they can easily detect your place and lead you to the place you want to go. However, there always might be a hitch. To illustrate, maybe you'll be at a place that has no signal, you may run out of 5G (internet connection), or you are not good at using maps. 

In times like this, you will need to know how you can ask about the whereabouts of the places you want to go and the significant place names.

P.S.: Some Turkish people might try to describe an address to you even if they clearly have no clue, so you better ask more than one person.


Turkish Lesson 5, Direction and Places (Words 41 to 51)

In Turkish, the place you're looking for—bus station, hotel, toilet, restaurant—comes first in the sentence, followed by nerede ("where is...").

41 Where is a/the ... ? ... nerede? Müze nerede? Where is the museum?
42 Toilet Tuvalet Tuvalet nerede? Where is the bathroom (toilet)?
43 Bus station Otogar Otogara nasıl gidebilirim? How can I get to the bus station?
44 Exchange Office Döviz Bürosu Yakınlarda döviz bürosu var mı? Are there any exchange office nearby?
45 Restaurant Lokanta Buralarda balık lokantası var mı? Are there any fish restaurants around?
46 Left Sol Aya Sofya sol tarafta mı? Is Hagia Sophia on the left side?
47 Right Sağ Sağa dön. Turn right.
48 Straight Düz Düz git. Go straight.
49 In front of  Önünde Hastanenin önündeyim. I am in front of the hospital.
50 Behind Arkasında Okulun arkasında stadyum var. There is a stadium behind the school.


-by Tom Brosnahan, updated by Duru Nemutlu.

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