Lesson 6: Turkish Bath & Tea

Last Updated on January 8, 2024

In lesson 5, you have learned directions and place names in Turkish, and now you are ready to describe and ask about a place. It’s time to take you a step further.

In Turkish culture, both Turkish Baths and tea have very special places.

You can think of a hamam as an enormous shower, but what is different is that it covers the whole room! Moreover, it has some differences compared to a normal shower; you aren't alone and have other people around. Some old and luxurious Turkish houses still have a Turkish hamam.

As for tea, it is one of the things Turkey is famous for. It especially grows in the Karadeniz region. Karadeniz has a rainy and humid climate, making growing plants such as tea easier. It is one of the important economic sources of Turkey, as well. It is important to point out that tea is not only a beverage for Turkish people but also a social activity representing hospitality.

Turkish Lesson 6, Turkish Bath & Tea

 Words 51 to 61 will teach you the terms and words related to Turkish Baths and Tea.

51 Turkish bath Hamam Hamama gidelim. Let’s go to the Turkish bath.
52 Soap Sabun Sabun var mı? Is there any soap?
53 Toilet paper Tuvalet kağıdı Tuvalet kağıdı alabilir miyim? May I have some toilet paper?
54 Hot water Sıcak su Sıcak su lazım. I need hot water.
55 Towel Havlu Türk havlusu satıyor musunuz? Do you sell Turkish towels?
56 Laundry Çamaşır Çamaşır odası nerede? Where is the laundry room?
57 Slipper Terlik Bir çift terlik. One pair of slippers.
58 Strong Koyu Bu çay çok koyu. This tea is very strong.
59 Tea Çay  Ne tür çaylarınız var? What types of tea do you have?
60 Sugar Şeker Şeker istiyorum. I want sugar.
61 Water Su Biraz daha su alabilir miyim? Could you add some more water?


-by Tom Brosnahan, updated by Duru Nemutlu.

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