Turkish Lesson 7: Going Places

Last Updated on April 8, 2024

In our previous lesson, we taught you terms and words related to Turkish Bath & Tea

which means you are ready to give your tea order and make your little trip through Turkish Bath. As for today’s lesson, you will learn a lot more words. 

Transportation is an important part of daily life. Therefore, knowing words related to it is an essential part of learning the Turkish language. You should rest assured that you know common vehicle names in Turkish for traveling around Turkey to avoid any issues.

In big cities, many buses can take you from your location to most places you want to go with a reasonable transportation fee. Driving a car is a common transportation method in Turkey, as well. As for suburban areas or another city, going by train is very common, but you can also travel by bus or minibus.

Turkish Lesson 7, Road Trip and Transportation

Words 62 to 71 will teach you the words related to road trips and transportation.

62 Street Sokak/ Cadde O hangi sokak? Which street is that?
63 Map Harita Haritanız var mı? Do you have a map?
64 Ticket Bilet Bir bilet lütfen. One ticket, please.
65 One-way

round- trip



Bodrum’ a gidiş-dönüş  biletim var. I have a round trip ticket to Bodrum
66 Airplane Uçak Uçak yolculuğuydu. It was an airplane trip.
67 Airport Havaalanı Yakında havaalanı var mı? Is there an airport nearby?
68 Train Tren Trenin kalkış saati 07.00. The train’s departure time is 7 a.m..
69 Ship Gemi Gemi ile ulaşım mevcut. It is possible to go via ship.
70 Bus Otobüs Otobüs biletine ihtiyacın var. You need a bus ticket.
71 Car Araba Araba kiralamak istiyorum. I want to rent a car.


-by Tom Brosnahan, updated by Duru Nemutlu.

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