Turkish Lesson 8: Days of Week

Last Updated on April 8, 2024

In the previous lesson, you've learned words related to Road Trip and Transportation. In today's lesson, you are going to learn useful words and the days of the week in Turkish.


Knowing the day in your destination’s language is quite fundamental to staying on track and being informed about upcoming events, appointments, and so on. Learning the days in Turkish is both important and pretty easy to grasp.

In many countries, the week starts on Sunday. However, in Turkey, the week begins on Monday. This subtle difference can impact your daily life and interactions while in Turkey Knowing this can be essential when making plans or attending events. Moreover, both Saturday and Sunday are holidays, but many Turkish people need to work on Saturday in Turkey.

"Pazartesi," the start of the working week, indicates the day after "Pazar" (Sunday). Similarly, "Cumartesi" refers to the day after 'Cuma' (Friday). You can see that it sounds very rhythmic.

Turkish Lesson 8, Days of the Week in Turkish

 Words 76 to 86 will teach you the days of the week in Turkish.

76 Day, daily gün, her gün Güzel bir gün. It’s a beautiful day.
77 today bugün Bugün nasılsın? How are you today?
78 tomorrow yarın Yarın sabah buluşalım. Let’s meet tomorrow morning.
79 week hafta Bu hafta meşgulüm. I’m busy this week.
80 Sunday Pazar Haftaya Pazar buluşalım. Let’s meet next Sunday.
81 Monday Pazartesi Pazartesi sabahı doktor randevum var. I have a doctor appointment on Monday morning.
82 Tuesday Salı Salı gidelim. Let’s go on Tuesday.
83 Wednesday Çarşamba Çarşamba gecesi partiye gidiyorum. I’m going to a party on Wednesday night.
84 Thursday Perşembe Yarın Perşembe. Tomorrow is Thursday.
85 Friday Cuma Bugün Cuma günü. Today is Friday.
86 Saturday Cumartesi Cumartesi görüşürüz! See you on Saturday!


-by Tom Brosnahan, updated by Duru Nemutlu

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