Turkish Lesson 8: Days of Week

Last Updated on February 14, 2020

Here's Turkish Lesson 8Days of the Week in Turkish, Words 76 to 86, of the 100 Most Useful Turkish Words for Travelers.
76 Day, daily gün, hergün GURN, HEHR-gurn
77 today bugün BOO-gurn
78 tomorrow yarın YAHR-uhn
79 week hafta hahf-TAH
80 Sunday Pazar pah-ZAHR
81 Monday Pazartesi pah-ZAHR-teh-see
82 Tuesday Salı sah-LUH
83 Wednesday Çarsamba char-shahm-BAH
84 Thursday Persembe pehr-shehm-BEH
85 Friday Cuma joo-MAH
86 Saturday Cumartesi joo-MAHR-teh-see

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