Lesson 9: Months of the Year

Last Updated on April 8, 2024

In our previous lesson, you learned the days of the week in Turkish and some words related to them that need to be known. It’s time to take a step further.

Getting to learn the months of the year in Turkish, just as in any other language, might seem challenging at first, but it is easier than you think. It is essential to note you need to know the months' names in Turkish to keep on track and not skip any special days and holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or events in Turkey. (Click on a month to go to Tom's Turkish Almanac to learn what it's like to travel in Turkey during that month.)

Like most countries, Turkey also uses the Gregorian calendar.

P.S.: In Turkey, the date format is written with the day first, followed by the month, and then the year. It's important to be aware of this format to avoid any confusion.

Turkish Lesson 9, Months of the Year

Words from 87 to 100 will teach you the months of the year in Turkish language.

87 Month Ay Ocak kış ayıdır. January is a winter month.
88 Year Sene, yıl Bir yılda on iki ay var. There are twelve months in a year.
89 January Ocak Yılın ilk ayı Ocak. The first month of the year is January.
90 February Şubat Doğum günüm Şubatta. My birthday is in February.
91 March Mart Mart ilk bahar ayıdır. March is a spring month.
92 April Nisan Nisan ayı hava ısınıyor. The weather gets hot in April.
93 May Mayıs 1 Mayıs İşçi Bayramı’dır. May 1st is Labor Day.
94 June Haziran Haziran ayı sıcak bir aydır. June is a hot month.
95 July Temmuz Temmuz en sıcak ay. July is the hottest month.
96 August Ağustos Ağustos’ta Türkiye’ye gidiyoruz. We are going to Turkey in August.
97 September Eylül Okul Eylül’de başlar. School begins in September.
98 October Ekim 29 Ekim Türkiye’de Cumhuriyet Bayramı’dır.  October 29th is the Republic Day of Turkey.
99 November Kasım Türkiye Kasım ayında soğuk. Turkey is cold in November.
100 December Aralık Aralık yılın son ayıdır. December is the last month of the year.


-by Tom Brosnahan, updated by Duru Nemutlu.

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