Lesson 9: Months of the Year

Turkish Lesson 9, Months of the Year, Words 87 to 100: the Turkish months of the year. (Click on a month to go to Tom’s Turkish Almanac to learn what it’s like to travel in Turkey during that month.)
87 month ay AH-yee
88 year sene, yıl SEH-neh, YUHL
89 January Ocak oh-JAHK
90 February Şubat shoo-BAHT
91 March Mart MAHRT
92 April Nisan nee-SAHN
93 May Mayıs mah-YUSS
94 June Haziran HAH-zee-RAHN
95 July Temmuz teh-MOOZ
96 August Ağustos AH-oo-STOHSS
97 September Eylül ehy-LEWL
98 October Ekim eh-KEEM
99 November Kasım kah-SUHM
100 December Aralık AH-rah-LUHK

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