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Last Updated on May 3, 2019

Burdur (BOOR-door, popualtion 80,000), on the shores of Lake Burdur 175 km (109 miles) east of Pamukkale, 127 km (79 miles) north of Antalya, and 277 km (172 miles) west of Konya (map), is the capital of Burdur Province.

With an average elevation of about 1000 meters (3281 feet), 60% of its land covered by mountains, some tillable plateaus and valleys, it lives by agriculture as well as from the tourists who visit its lakes.

It’s likely that the sugar you use to sweeten your tea in Turkeymay come from Burdur, which has extensive sugar beet fields and a big factory to convert the beets into pure sugar.

Sugar Beet Factory, Burdur, Turkey

The big sugar beet factory in Burdur…

Although today it has mostly a modern aspect, Burdur is an amazingly ancient place, having been inhabited since Neolithic(New Stone Age) times some 8000 years ago.

In classical Hellenic times, it was known as PolydorionBurduris a modern Turkish form of the same name.

Burdur was a town in Byzantine times, and was then conquered by the Seljuk Turks, was ruled by the local Hamitoğulları beysfollowing that, until absorbed into the Ottoman Empire.

Perhaps Burdur’s finest monument is the Ulu Cami, built by the Hamitoğul emir Feleküddin Dındar Bey in 1300. Though destroyed by an earthquake in 1914, it was rebuilt during the 1920s and is well worth a visit because of its unusual pre-Ottoman architecture: flat roof and mostly wood-frame interior. Look for it right next to the town’s tall clock tower (Saat Kulesi,1942) in the center.

The Ottomans built numerous mosques in Burdur, including the SelimzadeTepeKayışoğlu, and several others.

Burdur also has a fine small museum with archeological, architectural and anthropological finds:

Burdur Museum, Burdur, Turkey

Burdur’s museum…

Most likely you’ll be passing through Burdur, where you can find a hotel and some small restaurants if you need them.









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