Foça (Phocaea) Transportation

Last Updated on May 3, 2019

Most transport to and from Foça is by bus and minibus.

The major transfer point is İzmir‘s main bus terminal (garaj, otogar), from which you can easily find a seat to any place in Turkey.

In sumer, minibuses run between İzmir and Foça frequently all day.

You may find some direct bus and minibus links northward to Bergama (Pergamum), DikiliAyvalık and Çanakkale, but if there’s any problem, you can go to İzmir and transfer there.

In summer you can take a daily passenger ferry between Foça and the Greek island of Lesbos (Mytileni). More…

Travel Distances & Times:

Ayvalık: 135 km (84 miles) N, 2.25 hours

Bandırma: 315 km (196 miles) NE, 5 hours

Bergama (Pergamum): 95 km (59 miles) NE, 1.5 hours

Bodrum: 326 km (203 miles) S, 5.25 hours

Çanakkale: 320 km (199 miles) N, 5 hours

Dikili: 95 km (59 miles) N, 1.5 hours

Ephesus (Selçuk): 166 km (103 miles) S, 2.5 hours

Kuşadası: 181 km (112 miles) S, 3 hours

Istanbul: 598 km (372 miles) NE, 9 hours

İzmir: 86 km (53 miles) SE, 1.25 hours

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