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Last Updated on April 19, 2019

Between Sultanahmet (the center of Old Istanbul) and Sirkeci Railway Station is the Sirkeci district, a neighborhood on both sides of Muradiye-Hüdavendigâr Caddesi (map) with at least 100 hotels, several dozen restaurants, a cultural center where you can see dervishes whirl, several laundries, and even a Turkish bath—all at prices lower than nearby Sultanahmet.

In Sirkeci you may pay 20% to 35% less for a comfortable hotel room than in other hotel areas near Sultanahmet, yet Sirkeci is only a 10-minute walk downhill from Sultanahmet, the HippodromeBlue MosqueAyasofya and even less far from Istanbul‘sGülhane ParkıArcheological Museums and Topkapı Palace.

You can shorten the walk to and from Sultanahmet by taking the tram.

All in all, this is the best-value area near Sultanahmet.

Most hotels here are newly-built or -restored. Many have some Ottoman-style decor, some have restaurants and/or bars, a few have views from a few rooms, and perhaps from rooftop terraces or restaurants

The hotel star in this neighborhood is the Sirkeci Group, a collection of five superbly-run boutique hotels that span the price gamut from budget to luxury:

Sirkeci Mansion Hotel

Formerly called the Sirkeci Konak, this is the flagship of the group, a 5-star boutique hotel right up against the walls of Gülhane, the Topkapı Palace park. More…

Neorion Hotel

The newest of the Sirkeci Group hotels, it commemorates the Neorion Harbor of Byzantium/Constantinople, with museum-quality artifact replicas and works of art. More…

Orient Express Hotel

Located near the station where the fabled Orient Express arrived from Paris, it boasts a rooftop seafood restaurant with fine views, and even a swimming pool. More…

Erboy Hotel

You never knew a thrifty value-for-money hote could be this good, with upscale decor, the friendliest staff, and comfortable rooms in an excellent location at unbeatable prices. More…

İlkay Hotel

Istanbul on a budget? Not only possible, but a pleasure at the comfortable but low-priced İlkay. More…

Other Sirkeci Hotels

The five above are my favorites—and the favorites of many others—so if they’re fully booked when you want to visit, there are plenty of other hotels nearby. More…

Sirkeci & Hocapaşa Restaurants

There are some quite nice Sirkeci restaurants in and right next to some of these hotels, and many simpler ones clustered near the Hocapaşa Camii (mosque) just two or three blocks from the hotels.

The Hocapaşa restaurants are lower-priced, patronized mostly by locals, but being discovered by foreign travelers as well.

Sirkeci Street Guide

Want to see what the Sirkeci neighborhood looks like? Here are views, street by street. More…

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