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Last Updated on July 9, 2023

Dental Work in Turkey

At first glance, the idea of going to Turkey for dental care seems absurd. After all, why get dental work done in Turkey?But if you know anything about quality dental work in Europe and Turkey and the high cost of dental work in the US and the UK, then you know that Turkey is actually a great choice. So is Magic Smile.

One of the reasons dentistry in Turkey is so good is that the education process for dentists is incredibly difficult. Only the best of the best get selected, and as a result, dentists from Turkey end up working at some of the finest dental facilities in the world. These dentists are members of international organizations like ITI, ICOI, and ESED, and some of them are at Magic Smile. They constantly use new technology as part of their practice, and Turkey is considered one of the most successful countries in the world when it comes to successful implants. Many people are surprised at the number of successful dental practices in Turkey, and in Antalya in particular.

Welcome To Magic Smile

The company’s clinic is based in Antalya, Turkey, and Magic Smile is considered one of the best private dental clinics in the country. The office design is modern, and so is the equipment and the technology the dentists use. The procedures performed there include restorative dentistry like crowns and veneers, root canal procedures, implants, and aesthetics. The staff is both multilingual and professional, and Magic Smile has a successful track record that includes over 3000 satisfied customers from the UK.

Why Choose Magic Smiles

Magic Smile is recognized by leading dental associations in both the EU and the UK, which is another reason patients travel have work done there. Cost is part of the reason those clients are so satisfied. The procedures performed at Magic Smile are 50-70 percent less expensive than they would be if they were done in the UK, and the dental surgeons who perform these procedures typically have at least 15 years of experience doing them. Moreover, the materials used for dental implants are manufactured in Germany, Switzerland, and the US, and they include companies like Straumann and Nobel Biocare. Magic Smile also helps with airfare and other transportation needs, and this often includes arranging direct flights from other countries to Antalya. A list of hotels is also provided, and free transport service from the Antalya International Airport to your hotel is part of the package. Once the appointment is completed, transport is provided back to the hotel.

Magic Smile Dental Services

E-Max Laminate Veneers- dental laminates veneers are very thin materials that cover the front side of teeth of your teeth. Veneers are used to change the size, length, shape, or color of your teeth.

Dental Implants- A dental implant is a small titanium screw that is placed into the jaw bone to act as an artificial tooth root.

Crowns- Crowns are used to cover teeth that are damaged, abnormally shaped, or worn down and improve your overall smile.

Root Canal Treatment- A root canal is needed when the root of your tooth becomes infected. This treatment consists of the removal of the infected pulp and cleaning the root canal to get rid of the infection.

Tooth Extraction- a tooth extraction is the process of removing a tooth when it is diseased or damaged and cannot be fixed.


Some other treatments include dental fillings, dental bridgework, dental implant all-on-4, dental implant all-on-6, teeth whiting, and smile makeover.

How The Process Works

So how does the dental process work? As is the case with any modern dental practice, it starts with an X-ray and a consult, and after that, a treatment plan is arranged. Many patients arrive with treatment plans from their own dentists, and this helps both those patients and the dentists at Magic Smile verify the integrity of the treatment plan.

Reviews and Testimonials

"Im from Scotland, I travelled last year and this year over covid. its very safe here.. and the team at magic smile are very helpful.. made the process simple. Great accommodation aswell. Can't praise them enough.. and as for the treatment.. spot on... wouldnt go anywhere else tbh.. Great prices too. And you get to visit Turkey its stunning here.. and the locals are very helpful considering my strong Scottish accent, language barrier isn't a problem. Can't wait to ce back.. for a holiday this time round"

- William Cameron

"Magic smile are so good at what they do, they’re 100% professional at all times, the experience from start to finish is second to none! All of the staff are very helpful and welcoming! They are very efficient and organised and I would highly recommend anyone thinking of getting dental work done, contact these guys! I done a lot of research before choosing magic smile and I definitely made the right decision! Very satisfied client."

-Caroline Thrope

would 100% recommend to anyone!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
May 26, 2022


Magic Smile were amazing through each step of my journey. They were so helpful before I flew over and once I arrived they were amazing. The dentists were so gentle and caused no pain. Overall I’m over the moon with my new smile and would 100% recommend to anyone!

Update 3 Months on: everything has gone perfect and magic smile have been super supportive as I have been getting used to my new teeth. Overall it was a super experience and I am still delighted with my smile.

Sean L

These are just some testimonials from the clients of Magic Smile. Clients love Magic Smile because they are experienced, kind, and have excellent customer service.  Magic Smile has over 50 reviews on Google with an average rating of 4.8.

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Magic Smile is one of the best, and you should feel free to do whatever research and homework you feel is necessary to verify this. Magic Smile offers a free consultation. If you want to know more about Magic Smile services, pricing, and dental tourism packages you click the button below!

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