Why Get Dental Work Done in Turkey?

Last Updated on November 26, 2023

Traveling to another country to get dental work done has become very popular over the last few years, with the top countries such as Turkey, Mexico, Thailand, Poland, and Hungary being most preferred by medical tourists. The reason for this is that dental work is 50–70% cheaper in these countries compared to prices in the United States, Canada, and the UK, while the quality is still the same. Furthermore, these countries have honed their medical infrastructure and expertise to cater specifically to the needs of international patients. This includes not just top-tier medical services, but also additional amenities, support, and post-treatment care that make the entire process smooth and hassle-free. For many medical tourists, combining the appeal of a foreign getaway with affordable, high-quality dental care presents an attractive proposition.

Turkey, in particular, has emerged as a front-runner in dental tourism. But cost-effectiveness isn't the only reason driving people to Turkish dental clinics. The nation boasts dental professionals with world-class training and expertise. Many dental clinics in Turkey are recognized by the Turkish Dental Association and equipped with advanced dental technology, ensuring patients receive the best dental care. From cosmetic dentistry and dental implants to routine dental procedures, the scope and quality of dental services on offer are impressive. The main reason to choose Turkey when deciding on dental care is that the costs are much lower, the dentists and specialists are highly trained, and the location is unparalleled. Here are some of the best dental clinics in Turkey.

Moreover, Turkey's unique geographical location, straddling both Europe and Asia, offers a cultural and scenic experience like no other. It's not just about getting dental work done; it's about immersing oneself in an enriching travel experience while attending to dental needs. Considering the blend of high-quality dental care, affordability, and the mesmerizing beauty of the country, it's no wonder that Turkey is becoming the go-to destination for many seeking dental treatment abroad.


One of the best things about choosing Turkey for your dental tourism needs is the affordable prices. It is a known fact that Turkish dental clinics are the cheapest place to get dental implants in the world, and when compared to other countries, dental procedures in Turkey are very affordable, which means you'll be able to get the treatment you need without breaking the bank. Getting dental work done in Turkey is 50-70% cheaper than in Western countries.

To put this into perspective, a dental implant procedure that might cost you upwards of $3,000 in the U.S. could be accomplished for as little as $900 in Turkey. Similarly, while a cosmetic dentistry procedure like teeth whitening could set you back $500 in Canada, the same procedure in a reputable dental clinic in Turkey might only cost around $150. Such disparities also extend to other dental treatments like root canal treatment, dental crowns, dental veneers, and aesthetic treatments.

This is due to overall operational costs such as laboratory fees, dental fees, and the price of running a clinic being much lower than the prices in other countries.  At the same time, many dental clinics in Turkey offer packages that include free or discounted hotels and transportation for patients coming from abroad. Due to the exchange rate, if you are coming from a country that uses dollars or euros, the price in Turkish Lira will be quite affordable.

Competitive Treatment Packages

One of the prime advantages of choosing Turkey for dental work is the competitive treatment packages on offer. Dental clinics in Turkey understand the needs of international patients and craft packages that are not just cost-effective but also comprehensive. Whether you're seeking dental implants, aesthetic dentistry, or orthodontic treatment, these bundled options often combine multiple procedures, making the overall cost more affordable. Moreover, given the transparent dental prices and the added allure of the Turkish Lira's favorable exchange rate, patients often find that they can receive world-class dental care without breaking the bank.

Furthermore, these competitive packages often include additional perks tailored to the needs of dental tourists, such as accommodation deals, transportation assistance, and even guided tours. As dental tourism in Turkey continues to flourish, clinics are continuously innovating their offerings to ensure they provide unmatched value, merging dental excellence with the rich experiences that Turkey's culture and landscapes have to offer.

World-Class Dental Care

Turkey's rise as a sought-after destination in the medical tourism landscape is undeniably anchored in its commitment to delivering unparalleled quality of care. One of the main reasons to choose Turkey for your dental tourism needs is because of the quality of care that is available. In Turkey, you'll find state-of-the-art clinics equipped with the latest technology and staffed by experienced and well-trained Turkish dentists. But it's not just about the infrastructure. The backbone of this health tourism sector is the seasoned and well-trained dentists who, armed with years of experience and global exposure, dedicate themselves to upholding the highest standards of dental care, matching, if not exceeding, the same quality one would expect in Western countries.

Further bolstering Turkey's reputation for dental excellence is the continuous investment in research and development within the dental field. As a result, many Turkish dental clinics are at the forefront of new treatment methodologies, pioneering techniques, and innovations that are reshaping dental care on a global scale.

Dental Training in Turkey

Another reason to choose Turkey for your dental needs is the experience of the dentists here. In Turkey, you'll find dentists who have been trained at some of the best schools in the world and who have years of experience treating patients from all over the globe. Dentists are required to study for 5 years, and afterward, they can continue their studies to specialize in orthodontics or prosthodontics.

The Turkish Ministry of Health regulates the licensing and education of dentists throughout the country, and the Turkish Dental Association (TDA) monitors both the dental practice and the further education and development of dental practitioners. Once graduated, a dentist must become a member of the TDA in order to practice professionally, meaning that the quality of their work must meet a certain standard in safety, hygiene, and professionalism and be monitored by the association.

Efficient Treatment Timeline

Time is of the essence, especially for dental tourists who wish to maximize their stay. Turkey's dental clinics excel at providing efficient treatment timelines. From reduced wait times for appointments to expedited procedures that utilize cutting-edge dental technology, patients can expect timely and high-quality care. This efficiency ensures that patients not only receive their treatments swiftly but also have ample time to enjoy the scenic beauty, rich history, and delicious cuisine Turkey has to offer. Such an approach guarantees that dental tourism in Turkey isn't just about healthcare but also a holistic experience.

To further enhance this efficiency, many Turkish dental clinics are situated in key tourist destinations, such as Istanbul and Antalya, ensuring that patients don't have to travel far post-procedure. This strategic placement allows dental tourists to seamlessly merge their treatment schedules with sightseeing, making the most of their time in this beautiful country. Moreover, the local staff's proficiency in multiple languages ensures that communication barriers are minimal, ensuring that the entire process, from consultation to recovery, is smooth and hassle-free.


Millions of tourists come to Turkey every year for vacation. It is a country brimming with beautiful places, diverse landscapes, rich history, incredible food, and very hospitable people. From pristine beaches where you can surf, snorkel, and even kite surf, to vast mountain ranges where you can go on day treks, rock climbs, and camp, to centuries-old historical sites and fairy chimney hotels, Turkey is a country that is well worth the trip. While you are here getting dental work done, you can also choose to take a vacation and make unforgettable memories.

In addition to its natural and historic wonders, Turkey's metropolitan cities like Istanbul and Ankara offer a modern twist, boasting advanced dental clinics that cater to a range of dental issues. For those looking to combine relaxation with teeth whitening or dental veneers, spa towns and wellness resorts are also easily accessible.

Post-Treatment Care and Support

After undergoing a dental procedure, the journey doesn't end; post-treatment care is crucial. Turkish dental clinics are renowned for their exemplary post-treatment support. With a commitment to ensuring that each dental procedure, be it dental crowns, veneers, or dental implants, yields lasting results, these clinics provide patients with detailed care guidelines, recovery tips, and follow-up check-ups. Many clinics even offer remote consultations, catering to international patients once they return home. This level of dedication to patient well-being and safety reinforces Turkey's reputation as a global dental tourism hub, where quality and patient satisfaction are paramount.

Cutting-Edge Dental Technology

Many dental clinics in Turkey pride themselves on their embrace of modern technology. As medical tourism in Turkey flourishes, there's a visible commitment to staying abreast of the latest in the health tourism sector. Dental clinics and centers are adopting advancements that offer precision, like the use of digital tools for dental implants and dental veneers. When you decide on dental work in Turkey, you're not compromising on technology; in fact, you're accessing some of the most up-to-date equipment available. This ensures that the quality of the procedure matches, if not exceeds, what you'd experience in other countries but at a fraction of the turkey cost.

Diverse Range of Dental Treatments

The beauty of seeking dental treatments in Turkey lies not just in the affordable dental prices but also in the sheer variety of services available. From dental crowns to some of the most popular dental treatments, Turkey's dental centers have it all. Whether you're looking for basic care in a dentist's office or advanced procedures in a specialized dental clinic, you're covered. Plus, with the rising trend of health tourism in Turkey, there's an added incentive for clinics to diversify their offerings to cater to international visitors. So, when you opt for dental work in Turkey, you're truly accessing a broad spectrum of treatments, all under the umbrella of quality clinics.

For instance, many are drawn to Turkey for advanced treatments like digital smile design, dental tomography, and orthodontic treatment. The integration of advanced technology and expert professionals ensures that even complex dental procedures like root canal treatments are executed flawlessly.

High Standards of Hygiene and Safety

One of the primary reasons medical tourism in Turkey has seen a substantial rise is due to the impeccable standards of hygiene and safety maintained in each dental clinic across the country. Specifically, when you step into a dental center for procedures like dental implants, you can be assured of the same quality of care as in Western nations. These quality clinics are equipped with modern technology, ensuring each dental procedure is carried out with the utmost precision and care. Moreover, with Turkey's growing prominence in the health tourism sector, the nation's dental clinics are continuously upping their game, matching international standards in both hygiene and patient safety.

Tailored Dental Treatment for International Patients

As dental work in Turkey becomes increasingly popular among international tourists, many dental centers have begun offering services specifically tailored to suit the unique needs of these global visitors. From online consultation platforms that allow patients to discuss their dental needs before flying into the country to understanding the varying expectations associated with dental prices from different countries, each Turkish dental clinic ensures every international patient feels at home. Combining the allure of tourism in Turkey with top-notch dental care, it's no wonder the country stands out as a premier destination for dental treatments.

Moreover, these dental centers often provide comprehensive treatment plans, considering factors like the duration of the patient's stay, desired aesthetic dentistry outcomes, and recovery amidst Turkey's scenic beauty. Thus, not only do patients receive optimal dental care, but they also get a tailored experience that enhances their overall visit.

Reputation in Dental Excellence

Among international medical tourists, Turkey has firmly established its reputation as a hub for dental excellence. The endorsements from medical tourists globally highlight the state-of-the-art dental clinics equipped with the latest technologies and staffed by specialist dentists. As health tourism in Turkey flourishes, more global visitors recount their positive experiences, cementing Turkey's place on the dental tourism map. The country's alignment with international standards, transparent dental prices, and the backing of institutions like the Turkish Dental Association all contribute to its soaring credibility among medical tourists seeking top-notch dental care.

Endorsed by Reputable Associations

The dental excellence Turkey boasts isn't just based on patient testimonials; it's endorsed by reputable associations. Organizations like the Turkish Dental Association not only monitor the practice and continual education of dental practitioners but also vouch for the caliber of dental clinics across the country. This recognition by esteemed bodies guarantees that when foreign patients opt for dental work in Turkey, they're stepping into a dentist's office that adheres to internationally acknowledged standards. It's this endorsement and the relentless commitment to quality that make Turkey a leading name in the global health tourism sector.

Seamless Travel Experience

When considering dental tourism, Turkey stands out as a premier destination. The country has seamlessly integrated high-quality dental care, such as root canal treatment and orthodontic treatment, with the needs of international patients in mind. From advanced dental tomography services to specialized procedures like teeth whitening, Turkey ensures every traveler's journey is smooth, taking the stress out of healthcare and travel logistics. With a plethora of experienced professionals, Turkey has become synonymous with excellence in dental care. The welcoming nature of the locals and the ease of communication further accentuate the travel experience.

Patient-Centric Approach

Turkey's approach to dental tourism is unmistakably patient-centric. Recognizing the diverse dental issues that international patients might face, dental clinic centers here provide a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to individual needs. Whether it's advanced surgery for missing teeth or a customized digital smile design, the focus remains on delivering optimal results with the patient's comfort and well-being in mind. Clinics also ensure that consultations are comprehensive, providing clarity and understanding to patients about their treatment options. Advanced technologies are often employed, ensuring that patients receive state-of-the-art care during their visit.

Beyond the technical aspects, Turkish dental clinics cultivate a culture of warmth and hospitality. They understand that undergoing dental procedures in a foreign land can be daunting, so they strive to make the environment as welcoming and reassuring as possible. From multilingual staff who ensure clear communication to cozy clinic interiors and post-procedure follow-ups, every detail is designed to put the patient's mind at ease. This holistic patient-centric approach, combined with unparalleled dental expertise, is what sets Turkey apart in the realm of dental tourism.

Transparent Pricing

One of the main reasons for choosing Turkey for dental work is its transparent pricing. Patients are often concerned about hidden charges and unclear cost breakdowns. However, in Turkey, every dental procedure, be it dental crowns or tooth extraction, is priced transparently. Prospective visitors can have all the details they need upfront, ensuring there are no surprises, and they can budget their trip with confidence. Further instilling confidence in potential dental tourists, many Turkish clinics offer detailed cost breakdowns on their websites and through consultation calls. This proactive approach to pricing transparency allows patients to compare and contrast treatment options, facilitating informed decision-making. Additionally, the competitive nature of the Turkish dental industry encourages clinics to uphold both quality and affordability, providing patients with a wealth of choices that cater to various budgets. This fusion of clarity, fairness, and choice truly encapsulates Turkey's commitment to transparent and patient-friendly dental care.

Moreover, the cost-effectiveness of treatments in Turkey, without compromising on quality, makes it an attractive choice for many. By combining affordability with exceptional care, Turkey firmly establishes itself as a global dental tourism hub.

Recovery Amidst Scenic Beauty

Recovering from a dental procedure doesn't have to be confined to a sterile environment. Turkey offers the perfect blend of scenic beauty and top-tier dental care. Imagine getting a dental crown or other aesthetic dentistry services, such as dental veneers or teeth whitening, and then recuperating by the breathtaking beaches or historic landmarks. The tranquil environment not only enhances the recovery process but also provides a vacation-like experience. Beyond the stunning vistas, Turkey's rich cultural heritage offers international patients an opportunity to immerse themselves in a unique blend of history and modernity. Additionally, the delicious Turkish cuisine becomes a delightful bonus during the recovery phase.

Delicious Turkish Cuisine

Turkey is renowned not only for its advancements in dental care and picturesque landscapes but also for its delicious cuisine. Turkish food, rich in history and flavor, is a feast for the senses. Every meal in Turkey is a celebration, from the flavorful kebabs cooked over open flames to the mouthwatering mezes served as appetizers. Delight in dishes like baklava, with its layers of phyllo dough, nuts, and sweet syrup, or savor the richness of manti, tiny dumplings filled with meat and topped with garlic yogurt. So, while the primary goal might be dental care, the gastronomic journey one embarks on in Turkey is sure to leave an indelible mark, making the trip truly holistic and memorable.

In essence, Turkey's prominence in dental tourism is the culmination of its commitment to high-quality dental care, transparent and affordable pricing, and an unmatched travel experience. Whether one is seeking routine dental procedures or specialized treatments, Turkey offers both unparalleled expertise and a serene environment for recovery. Furthermore, the cultural richness, historic wonders, and sumptuous cuisine only add layers to the enriching experience patients can expect. With robust endorsements from both satisfied patients and prestigious associations, it's evident that choosing Turkey for dental care ensures not only top-notch medical service but also a holistic experience that resonates on both the health and travel fronts.

Get Dental Work Done in Turkey: Discover the Best of Dental Tourism

From its stunning coastal towns to its quaint villages, there is much to see and do in Turkey, which makes it the perfect place to combine your dental vacation with a bit of sightseeing. Many international patients are now flocking to dental clinics in Turkey for a range of dental treatments, from mouth dental implants and teeth whitening to advanced cosmetic dentistry. A significant factor driving this trend is the combination of affordable prices and high-quality dental services that Turkish dental professionals provide. Turkish dental clinics are the cheapest place to get dental implants in the world, and accredited dental clinics, recognized by the Turkish Dental Association, are equipped with modern dental technology, ensuring patients receive top-tier care. Moreover, the expertise of Turkish dental practitioners, who often have dentistry education that aligns with international standards, guarantees procedures like root canal treatment, dental crowns, and aesthetic dentistry are performed with precision. As you can see, there are many reasons to choose Turkey for your dental tourism needs.


Is it safe to go to Turkey for dental work?

Absolutely! Turkey has earned a well-established reputation in the medical tourism sector for having reputable clinics. The best dental clinics in Turkey are often equipped with modern dental technology and adhere to international standards. They are frequently inspected by the Turkish Dental Association, ensuring safety and high-quality dental treatments. Moreover, dental professionals in the country have undergone rigorous dentistry education and maintain high standards of hygiene and patient care.

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