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Magic Smile Dental Clinic

Dental care in Turkey is an amazing option if you are looking for quality health care at an affordable price. One of our top recommended clinics is Magic Smile Turkey. It is a GCR internationally accredited clinic located in Antalya, Turkey. Not only do they offer exceptional dental care, their prices are incredibly affordable and their service is unparalleled. 

Their customer service is excellent, as they provide a Whatsapp number where they can be directly reached. Additionally, they offer private Facetime calls to be able to assess the patient’s needs and answer their questions.

Once you have decided to be treated at their clinic, they even go as far as helping you book your flight, hotel room, and transfer to and from the airport, clinic, and hotel. Another added benefit is that if your treatment total is over a certain amount, they offer to pay for your hotel!

While you are there undergoing your dental treatment, they have several options to be able to enjoy the beautiful holiday city of Antalya. Some of these include cruises on the Mediterranean, a walk through the historical old town, shopping trips, and much more. 

Why Choose Magic Smile Turkey?

  • Their clinic is ranked in the top 1% of 130,000 GCR internationally accredited clinics
  • Services are offered in English, Dutch, German, Russian, Arabic, French and Turkish
  • Quick response times, good communication and excellent patient care is one of their top priorities, even after the treatment has been completed
  • Help with flights, hotels, transfers and even vacation activities is offered by the Magic Smile dental clinic
  • Affordable and high quality dental care (60% less than UK and USA clinics)
  • The dental implants are manufactured in the USA, Switzerland, and Germany and come with a lifetime guarantee
  • Their dental surgeons are highly trained and have over 15 years of experienceFind out more about Magic Smile.


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