The Top 3 Places to Get Your Teeth Done in Turkey

If you are considering traveling to Turkey for dental work, it is good to know what your options are ahead of time so you can plan accordingly. There are over hundreds of dental clinics across the country that cater to international patients. To help you narrow down your search, here is a list of some of the best dental clinics in Turkey.

There are a number of quality, internationally accredited dental clinics in most of the major cities in Turkey, so how do you decide where to go? Istanbul, Izmir, and Antalya are the top destinations in Turkey for dental work, so let’s take a look at each of them.


Home to some of the most incredible historical landmarks in the world such as the Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, and the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul is definitely one of the most popular destinations both for vacation and dental work. Despite the hustle and bustle of the big city, quiet and unforgettable moments can be had on a private tour, a bosphorus cruise, or a rooftop restaurant overlooking the city. Having recently built the world’s largest airport, Istanbul is an easy destination from almost any country with flights coming in from all over the world every day. Turkish Airlines flies to more countries than any other airline and is one of the world’s top airlines in terms of quality and safety, so finding a flight is easy. There are hundreds of excellent dental clinics and dental hospitals along with top dental specialists who speak a number of languages. Click here to see our top recommended clinics in Istanbul. 




As one of Europe’s top vacation destinations, the Mediterranean coastal city of Antalya is the best option if you are looking for a more relaxing setting while getting your teeth done. It is also home to many historical landmarks such as Hadrian’s Gate, the Harbor of Paul the Apostle, and the ancient city of Perge. It is a city composed of beautiful beaches, sparkling turquoise waters, and stunning mountains. It is less than an hour's flight from Istanbul, with multiple flights departing daily. There are a number of high-end luxury resorts, as well as more cozy, boutique-style hotels all located along the beautiful coast. Many of the clinics in Antalya offer free airport transfers, hotel upgrades, and some even include the hotel stay in their dental package along with day trips to see the city. The benefits of the clinics in Antalya are that they are a bit smaller and will have fewer patients than the large clinics in Istanbul, giving them more time to focus on any extra needs that you might have, such as planning some sightseeing or arranging a shopping day. Click here to see our top recommended clinics in Antalya. 

Antalya Day Tour



This city is a popular destination on the Aegean coast as it is an hour outside of the famous ancient city of Ephesus. The city of Izmir, which is larger than Antalya, but quite a bit smaller than Istanbul, is set on the coast and has a beautiful harbor and many restaurants along the water. It is famous for windsurfing as well as for its incredible beaches and hidden coves. Close enough for a lovely day trip are the gorgeous beachside towns of Alacati, Cesme and Foca. Izmir has both dental clinics and hospitals, depending on what you want, and they cater to international patients with their dentists and staff members speaking multiple languages. From dental implants, to veneers, to jaw surgery, the dental care in Izmir is top quality and well worth the plane trip over.

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