Is it Safe to Get Dental Work in Turkey?

Turkey is now one of the hubs of the ever growing industry of dental and medical tourism. People travel to Turkey from all over the world, both for vacation and for dental work. The most popular dental procedures done in Turkey are veneers and implants, as the cost is significantly less than in other countries. If you are looking to get dental work done abroad, one of the questions you will be asking is: is it safe to get my teeth done in Turkey? Let’s take a look at why or why not it may be safe and the steps you can take to make sure that you are getting the best dental care possible.

Often Turkish clinics will have agreements with clinics in Europe so that if something goes wrong after you have returned home, you can go to one of the partner clinics free of charge. Many implants done in Turkey have either a lifetime warranty or at least a warranty for a number of years. One of the benefits of Turkey being such a popular destination for dental care is that there are thousands of patient reviews and testimonials and even vlogs in which you can see step by step how certain procedures work, how the patient is afterwards, and get a good idea of what you will experience if you decide to get treatment in Turkey.

Many clinics in Turkey are internationally accredited and most have a GCR score, which is a Global Clinic Rating. This scoring is based on over 25 different criteria including safety, success rate, quality of service, and professionalism. When choosing where to get your teeth done, many clinics websites provide their GCR score as well as patient reviews and testimonials for you to look over. Here is a list of our top recommended dental clinics in Turkey.

In Turkey, dentists are required to study for 5 years, and afterwards can continue studying in order to specialize in orthodontics or prosthodontics. The Turkish Ministry of Health regulates the licensing and education of dentists throughout the country and the Turkish Dental Association (TDA) monitors both the dental practice and further education and development of dental practitioners. Once graduated, a dentist must become a member of the TDA in order to practice professionally, meaning that the quality of their work must meet a certain standard in safety, hygiene, and professionalism and is monitored by the association. 

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