Is Dental Work in Turkey Cheap?


What is the cost of a dental treatment in Turkey?

Figuring out an average price range of a dental quote in Turkey is one of the most important first steps in planning your dental trip to Turkey. Different Dental clinics provide different rates, and while there is a wide range for variance within the industry depending on which clinic you are pursuing and which treatment you need to be done, here is a guide to an "average" cost estimate of a dental treatment in Turkey.


Yes... Dental work in Turkey is cheap, but it is still high quality?

Often times the term, "cheap", can be easily equated with lacking value or quality. Regarding dental work in Turkey, this simply isn't the case. On average getting your dental work done in Turkey can help you save up to 70% or more. Yes, that's quite a high difference. Even including costs of hotel, transportation and potential tourist expenses this still remains the same, here's a breakdown of a cost comparison in the UK.

So how does the quality part hold true? A few major factors contribute to why dental work in Turkey is so cheap, but still so good. First off, sadly Turkey right now is experiencing a severe economic crisis which means the exchange rate is very high right now coming from the US or European countries. Second, typically University fees are lower in Turkey, therefore dentists and clinics do not have student loan burdens allowing them to offer cheaper rates. Turkey's Dental industry is actually one of the most advanced sections of its economy and is internationally recognized for its quality. Because of how much global and domestic competition for Dental tourism is present, Turkish clinics have some of the most modern and advanced machinery.  The Dentists themselves are required to have at least five years of experience and graduate from Dental Universities such as Istanbul's Yeditepe University which has international accreditation and renown.


Sample cost comparison : 

                                                 USA                       Turkey

Dental Crown

Replacement :

 $1100 - $1500     /     $129 - $260



per tooth  :

$600 - $2500      /       $110 - $350


Dental Implant

per tooth  :

$3,000 - $4500    /   $400 - $700



"You can save 70% or more and add in a vacation package... yes Dental work in Turkey is cheap "

What else might I be spending on though?

Chances are, if you're coming to Turkey for dental work you may also want to cross off a few bucket list items such as- cruising down the Turkish Riviera, hot air ballooning across internationally acclaimed Cappadoccian "Fairy Chimneys", or going full send and booking a full tour package to explore the ancient Seven Churches of Turkey, or famous Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.


Including flights, meals, and ground transportation... here's the shocker: you're still saving exponentially. Let's say you decide to add in a full tour package in Turkey, if you're going crazy perhaps around $2,000 with room for food and hotel stay perhaps another $1,000 (again a generous amount). Add in two plane tickets for around $2,500 give or take. That's a total of $5,500 tacked on, now including a luxury vacation (which could easily still be quite magical but much less if you've got a tighter budget). Now, lets compare this to the cost of a full set of Veneers in the US, anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000. If we go for a median amount lets say $15,000 and compare it to an average cost of a full set of veneers in Turkey : $3,000  even with an added luxury vacation totaling $8,500 (including veneers cost), it is still almost half of the price of a full set of veneers in the United States.


Final Conclusion: Dental Work in Turkey is Cheap... and also includes your next dream holiday.

Whether or not you end up coming to Turkey just for the cheap dental work or combine a holiday trip, either way, you are going to save exponentially by choosing to get your teeth to work done in Turkey. You're also not going to lose in quality either. So at the end of the day although Dental work abroad may seem intimidating, in Turkey you are provided the guarantee of care and luxury most places cannot offer.

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