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Last Updated on April 19, 2024

dental veneer is a thin shell that a dentist places over a tooth surface to give the appearance of a natural tooth. They are a great option for hiding cosmetic issues like staining or chipped teeth and creating a protective layer that can prevent further damage to a tooth.

There are many advantages to dental veneers. However, the cost can be an obstacle, which is why many patients opt to travel abroad for this procedure. While the steep costs of dental veneer procedures can often be a barrier to good oral health and a beautiful smile, an increasing number of local and international patients are considering dental tourism and dental veneers in Turkey as a cost-effective solution.

Veneers in Turkey cost much less than in many European or North American countries. This cost efficiency, paired with the country's renowned dental clinics, has fueled its reputation as a dental destination. By opting for dental treatments abroad, not only do patients experience high-quality treatments, but they also enjoy the benefit of competitive prices.

As a result, countries like Turkey have particularly emerged as leading destinations for veneers and cosmetic dentistry. Boasting advanced dental clinics and state-of-the-art dental services, Turkey provides a comprehensive dental veneer procedure package that marries both expertise and affordability, making it a top choice for patients seeking high-quality dental services in veneers.

Different Types of Veneers 

If you need veneers, you'll have to choose among composite veneers, porcelain veneers, zirconium veneers, and laminate veneers. Depending on the veneer type, the advantages and the cost of veneers in Turkey will be different:

1. Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers look just like real teeth and are stain-resistant. They're also very durable and can make your teeth stronger. Porcelain veneers last 10 to 15 years on average.

However, the application process can take longer. The cost can also be higher compared to composite veneers. Another downside is that you'll have to get the entire veneer replaced if you damage it since it's not possible to fix it.

2. Composite Veneers

Composite veneers don't last as long as porcelain veneers, but they're usually more affordable compared to the cost of veneers in Turkey. They're also more likely to sustain damage if you don't follow your dentist's recommendations for taking care of your veneers. Another potential drawback is that coffee, red wine, and tobacco can stain composite veneers.

3. Zirconium Veneers

Recently, zirconium veneers have gained significant attention within the realm of cosmetic dentistry. Veneers in Turkey, especially zirconium ones, have become a popular choice for both local and international patients. Their stain-resistant feature, combined with durability, makes them a prime choice for a smile makeover.

4. Laminate Veneers

Another sought-after type is the laminate veneers. Crafted from a very thin layer, these veneers provide a natural smile without the need for extensive tooth reduction. As with other dental treatments in Turkey, laminate veneers have affordable prices, making it more accessible for medical tourists to achieve their desired smile line.

Quick Comparison of Different Types of Veneers

Choosing the right type of veneer largely depends on individual preferences, oral health status, the number of veneers required, and, of course, budget. While in Turkey, veneers cost a lot less than in other countries, the overall cost might change among veneer types. Here's a quick comparison to help guide your decision to achieve your dream smile:

Porcelain Veneers:

Advantages: Natural appearance, stain-resistant, durable, strengthens teeth, longevity (10 to 15 years on average).

Drawbacks: Longer application process, higher veneer cost, and replacement is necessary if damaged.

Composite Veneers:

Advantages: Typically more affordable than porcelain veneers, ideal for minor cosmetic procedures.

Drawbacks: Shorter lifespan, prone to staining (from coffee, red wine, and tobacco), and susceptibility to damage if not cared for properly.

Zirconium Veneers:

Advantages: High strength, natural translucency that closely resembles natural teeth, long-lasting, and stain-resistant, making them perfect for a Hollywood smile.

Drawbacks: These can be more expensive, but their benefits often outweigh the costs, especially for those seeking a top-tier cosmetic dental treatment.

Laminate Veneers:

Advantages: Minimal tooth reduction is needed, it offers a natural smile, and it is competitively priced in dental tourism hubs like Turkey.

Drawbacks: While durable, they might not offer the same strength as zirconium or porcelain veneers.

Cost of Dental Veneers in Turkey

The question of "How much are veneers in Turkey?" often arises among potential dental tourists. With prices considerably lower than in many Western countries, Turkey offers a compelling value proposition.

The Turkey dental veneers price is much lower than in the US for both types of veneers. Composite veneers start at $250 in the US, but getting multiple veneers can cost thousands. If you travel to Turkey, expect to pay around $200 for composite veneers. That is because Turkey veneers cost is considerably lower than that of other countries in the EU.

Porcelain veneers are a little more expensive. They can cost anywhere from $500 to $2,500 in the US. However, you'll pay approximately $180-200 in Turkey. You can usually get a package and save even more if you need more than one veneer installed.

Laminate veneers in Turkey are yet another cost-effective option for dental tourists. While prices for laminate veneers in the US hover around $800 to $1,500, Turkey offers them for an attractive rate of approximately $150-170, making veneers Turkey price quite affordable for travelers from other countries.

Zirconium veneers, known for their durability and high-quality aesthetics, typically range from $1,000 to $2,500 in the US. But in Turkey, these top-tier veneers come with a price tag of just around $220-250. Given the combination of quality and affordability, it's evident why so many international patients flock to Turkey for their dental treatments and needs.

In Turkey, veneers cost has been a significant attraction for those seeking high-quality cosmetic dental procedures without the hefty price tag. So, in Turkey, teeth veneers price remains a key reason many choose this destination.

Pros and Cons of Dental Veneers

Are veneers a good option for you? The great thing about veneers is that they will instantly improve the appearance of your smile. There are other benefits to consider:

  • It usually only takes two visits to have veneers installed.
  • Mostly, enamel removal is not needed.
  • They're a durable option that can last up to 10 years and even more with porcelain veneers.
  • Your dentist can match the shade of your teeth so that the veneers will blend in.
  • Covering a tooth with a veneer can make it stronger and prevent further damage.

There are also a few drawbacks to consider:

  • There are prep-less veneers that don't require any permanent modifications to your teeth, but not everyone is a candidate for them. The procedure might be irreversible since your dentist might have to grind a tooth or remove a thin layer of natural enamel to install the veneer.
  • You'll need to adopt a strict dental hygiene regimen to prevent damage to your veneers.
  • Veneers can chip or crack, especially toward the end of their life span. Choosing a dental clinic with high-quality materials and a dental laboratory is important.
  • You'll have to have a new set of veneers installed eventually, typically in 10 to 15 years.

How to Travel to Turkey for Veneers

Your best option is to discuss veneers with your usual dentist. They will be able to answer your questions about this procedure and determine if you're a good candidate for veneers.  They will also let you know if you need grinding and other modifications before a dentist can install veneers. Your next step should be to research dental clinics in Turkey. Most clinics have an online presence, and you should be able to reach out to ask questions and find out more about Turkey dental veneer prices.

Next, you'll need a travel package to go to Turkey. There are many reputable clinics that specialize in medical tourism that offer comprehensive packages, making it easy to stay comfortably, with transportation, accommodation, translation, and post-procedure care available. You can also arrange for a tour package to see some of the amazing sights that Turkey has to offer.

Your dental clinic will be in touch with you to let you know what to expect and how you can prepare for the procedure. There will be a first appointment where your dentist prepares your teeth and installs temporary veneers.

You might experience slight discomfort and sensitivity while waiting for your permanent veneers. You'll have to avoid hot and cold foods. Most patients experience some sensitivity after the procedure, but you should be back to normal within two weeks.

Dental Tourism in Turkey

Dental tourism refers to traveling abroad to receive dental care. Procedures like implants to fill missing teeth cost several thousands of dollars in the US. The average cost of a dental procedure in the US has increased by almost 30% from 2008 to 2018. Unfortunately, the cost continues to rise each year.

Dental patients can save money on common dental procedures by traveling to Turkey. A single tooth implant typically costs less than half of what American clinics would charge. The savings are even greater for crowns, where costs can be a tenth of what a patient would have to spend in the US. And with the cost of living being close to 60% lower than in the US, patients can save on several additional costs linked to their stay and recovery, such as food and accommodations.

Patients can expect an outstanding level of care in Turkey. To become a dentist in Turkey, students must complete a five-year program. Before getting into a dentistry program, students must pass an entrance exam.

Dentistry students study a mix of theoretical and practical topics during the first two years. Over the next three years, students get plenty of hands-on experience under the supervision of experienced dentists before finally becoming a professional cosmetic dentist themselves.

Get Dental Veneers in Turkey & Revitalize your Smile

In the burgeoning world of dental tourism, Turkey stands out as the forerunner in cosmetic dentistry. Dental veneers in Turkey have gained immense popularity due to the combination of high-quality treatments and competitive prices. Both local and international patients are increasingly flocking to dental clinics in Turkey for procedures ranging from composite veneers to zirconium veneers.

Whether it's achieving that desired Hollywood Smile or seeking more intricate dental treatments, the veneer costs in Turkey remain significantly more affordable than in many Western countries, making the country a top choice for those looking for the best veneers prices Turkey has to offer.

Moreover, dental care in Turkey goes beyond just the procedure, offering patients a holistic dental treatment experience that prioritizes the health and aesthetics of their natural teeth. So, Turkey's prowess in the domain stands unparalleled for anyone considering a stunning smile makeover or any other cosmetic dental treatment.

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