Top 5 Best Countries for Dental Work

1.   Turkey

Turkey is consistently ranked top as the best country for dental work. It is home to some of the top dental experts in the world. Patients and clients from all corners of the world come to Turkey for its world-class dental facilities in addition to its pristine beaches and rich historical sites.  Moreover, dental work in Turkey tends to be more affordable than in other regions of the world.  For instance, in Turkey, a single dental implant starts at $350 which is almost 70% cheaper than what you would ordinarily pay in the UK & US. 


2.   India

India competes with Turkey for the best country for dental work title. It is generally considered one of the top destinations for dental tourism due to its rich background in medicine. Dental prices in India are averagely 70% lower than in the US. India is home to world-class medical and dental facilities as well as equipment. 

3.   Mexico

An estimated six million people traveled to Mexico for dental care in 2019. As expected, a good number of this population were from the US. Like all dental tourists, the primary reason was to save money while receiving the best dental care. Mexico isn't the cheapest destination on this list for dental work. The savings are closer to 55% or 60%. Fortunately, it's the only destination you can drive to from the US for dental work. Mexico is also home to notable dental specialists and impressive dental facilities. 

4.   Thailand

Thailand provides amazing dental work from trained specialists for a fraction you will pay locally.  Bangkok, Thailand, is home to world-class dental facilities, and affordable prices. As an Asian country, Thailand also has a rich background in medicine and experienced professionals.

5.   Germany

Germany has always been at the forefront of excellent medical care. It is considered one of the best European countries for dental work. The country is renowned for its cutting-edge technology in dentistry. Though the cost of dental care may slightly be uniform in all European countries, you can expect a significant difference in the quality of dental care. 

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