How much does it cost to fix your teeth in Turkey?

Getting your teeth done in Turkey can save you 70% or more.

The first element of deciding how much it is going to cost to get your teeth done in Turkey is figuring out what you need to get done. After this has been finalized a price estimate is much easier to be found. Your teeth are individualized therefore while standard rates are easily estimable- make sure to get a quote for your mouth to know the final cost.


How is the cost of getting your

teeth done in Turkey so low?

Various factors contribute to the cost of dental work in Turkey being so low. If you're getting your teeth done in Europe or the United States for comparison, your dentist is going to have much higher rates due to the currency you are operating under and the higher cost of Dental school. Dentistry is a huge section of the Turkish economy, and Turkey's Dental schools don't skimp on quality whatsoever. What is different though is the cost of dental school. Turkey's cost of dental school is much lower than in other nations therefore dentists charge you less to get your teeth done because they are not paying back such a heavy student loan debt. This factor, combined with an extremely high exchange rate means yes, you are going to save exponentially on the cost of getting your teeth done in Turkey- and no, you aren't going to lose on quality.


Cost Comparison : 

USA VS Turkey
Vanners Per Tooth:
$600- $2500 $110- $350
Dental Crown Replacement:
$11oo- $1500 $129-$260
Dental Implants Per Tooth:
$3,000- $4500 $400- $700



"Cut your cost to a fraction of the original amount.. and take a holiday "

So, the cost of getting my teeth done in Turkey is cheap-but what about adding a holiday?

If you've already made the hop over the pond or from wherever to come to Turkey for dental work, you might as well stay awhile for vacation right? Perhaps dental implants at 70% less of the cost can't tempt you, but that combined with hot air ballooning across internationally acclaimed Cappadocian "Fairy Chimneys", or going full send and booking a full tour package to explore the ancient Hagia Sophia in Istanbul may. The cost on both of these sample itineraries may be far less than you'd expect. Tourism in Turkey, like the cost of getting your teeth done in Turkey, is far cheaper than you'd expect with just the same quality.

Including flights, meals, and ground transportation... here's the shocker: you're still saving exponentially.

Looks like it's time to pack your bags. Don't worry about a toothbrush, you'll get that thrown in.

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