Turkish Films & Turkey in Cinema

Last Updated on May 2, 2019

Here are some of the most famous movies about Turkey, or filmed in Turkey, or by Turkish filmmakers:


The 23rd James Bond movie (2012) takes place partly in IstanbulFethiye and Adana, and you can visit most of the filming locations. More…


A buff Brad-Pitt makes this 2004 film epic what it is. It may have put Troy on the tourist map the way Gallipolidid for GallipoliMore…

From Russia With Love

Classic James Bond flick (1963) has some good scenes of Istanbul, particularly the famous one in Yerebatan Saray(Basilica Cistern) before it was restored.

The World is Not Enough

The final suspense-filled scenes of the 19th James Bond movie are set in Istanbul, where the bad guys want to detonate a nuclear bomb, a disaster which Bond (Pierce Brosnan) prevents…of course.


Based on Alan Moorhead’s book of the same name, this Australian movie (1981) changed Turkey’s Gallipoli battlefields from a sleepy backwater into a major tourist destination.


A motley group of clever but bumbling thieves (Melina Mercouri, Peter Ustinoff, Maximilian Schell, Robert Morley) steal the emerald dagger from the treasury of Topkapi Palace (1961). Great scenes of Istanbul in the late 1950s, a very different city from today.

Valley of the Wolves: Iraq

This fictional account of US Army atrocities in the Iraq War (called Kurtlar Vadisi in Turkish) begins with an incident that actually happened, and that further soured relations between Turks and Americans. Is “Valley of the Wolves” Turkey’s revenge for “Midnight Express“? More…

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