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Last Updated on April 23, 2019

Turkey may be where wine was first made 7000 years ago, and wine has always been enjoyed here over the millennia, so it’s appropriate that today it has a fast-growing wine industry.

An agriculturally rich country that grows 3.85 million metric tons of grapes (4.244 million US tons) on 486,000 hectares (1.201 million acres) each year, Turkey is No 6 in the world for grape production, following Italy, China, the USA, France and Spain. Its annual wine production is about 75 million liters(nearly 20 million US gallons, or 16.5 million imperial gallons), 95% of which is consumed locally.

The genetic diversity of the Taurus Mountains in southeastern Turkey is thought to have produced such “founder plants” of the Neolithic era (ie, Hittites) as bitter vetchchickpeas, and einkorn wheat, so it may well be that Turkey is where grapevines were first domesticated, and it’s no surprise that Turkey has more than 800 varieties of indigenous grapes.

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