Best Restaurant in Sagalassos

Last Updated on July 28, 2022

Sagalassos Yörük Çadırı

The Ancient city of Sagalassos is full of rich history and well worth the visit. Nestled into Isparta’s mountains, the Sagalassos ruins are located just 125 km (78 miles) north of Antalya. Upon entering the ancient city, I asked employees where my friend and I should eat lunch. Without hesitation, 4 people told us that we could not miss Sagalassos Yörük Çadırı. They walked us to the edge of the mountain, and pointed to a large green roof, which was where we would find the best food in town. They passionately assured my friend and I that we would not be disappointed. 

After hiking through the Roman bath, theater, and watching a fully functioning Roman fountain, we were ready to make our way 2 km down the mountain, to experience the much anticipated Sagalassos Yörük Çadırı. We were greeted with Turkish hospitality and welcomed to sit in their bungalows. Surrounded by pine trees and Isparta’s mountains, we enjoyed a delicious meal of köfte, gözleme, and çoban salatası (a salad made of cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, topped with pomegranate dressing). Many families enjoyed the surrounding bungalows and playground on this beautiful property. The atmosphere at this restaurant was warm; not one guest was in a hurry to leave Sagalassos Yörük Çadırı. The serenity of the mountains and colorful pillows in our bungalow made for an ambiance which matched the perfection of the fresh food on our plates.

After enjoying a leisurely meal and several glasses of çay, owner Halil Dağ allowed us to tour the beautiful property of his restaurant. It suddenly made sense why the food was so delicious--Sagalassos Yörük Çadırı raises their own chickens, and has an extravagant kitchen with top-notch chefs. In addition, they have a gözleme evi or gözleme house. In this gözleme house, Hatice and Ülkü roll yufka (pastry dough, similar to filo) into flakey Turkish pastries,, filled with spinach, mixed meats, and fresh cheese. Sagalassos Yörük Çadırı also serves katmer, a famous Turkish sweet bread with tahini. During your stay in Sagalassos, you must experience Turkey Travel Planner’s recommendation: Sagalassos Yörük Çadırı. 

- Abigail Goosen

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