Camping in Turkey: Egirdir Lake

Last Updated on July 28, 2022

Lake Eğirdir

Equipped to cater towards a variety of vacation styles, the town of Eğirdir is a fantastic place to stay for adventure seekers. Nestled in the mountainous Isparta region of Turkey, this multifaceted town is characterized by its kind locals, who will surely give you a warm welcome into their beautiful city. There is much to explore in this unique region, including ancient cities, breathtaking hikes, off-roading, and most notably for the purposes of this page, camping

Camping in Turkey

Though tent camping is a fairly new phenomenon in Turkish culture, it is rapidly growing in popularity all around the region. Wild tent camping on unregistered land in Turkey is technically forbidden, however this law is unenforced and often unknown, even by officials. Depending on your comfort level and your desire to rough it, you can choose to camp on unregistered ground, or at official campsites. Eğirdir offers wonderful options for either preference.

Official Campsite

Turkey Travel Planner’s official recommendation for camping in Eğirdir is Altinkum camping. While researching camping in the region, I was able to spend some time getting to know the culture of this campsite. Upon entering Altinkum campground, I was immediately welcomed by kindred spirits. Having just met the day before, 3 groups of campers enjoyed their Turkish breakfast together around a picnic table, and welcomed me to join them. Over a glass of çay, I learned of these campers' explorations. We looked at the beautiful lake front as campers informed me that the weekly pazar (bazaar) takes place on Thursday in the city center; the pazar is the best place to get groceries for your time camping. One man was staying at this site for 2 months, so he offered his stovetop to other campers. I wished I could have stayed in this atmosphere all day, it is an excellent campsite with a welcoming atmosphere. 

It is important to note that many spots in Eğirdir are marked as campsites on the map; however, they are not sites at which you can pitch a tent. Of the locations marked as campsites,  the only place to pitch a tent overnight is Altınkum Camping. This site is located by Altınkum Plajı (Altinkum Beach), slightly north of the city center. Campers and those who choose the small bungalow option have access to a shared bathroom and showers. 

The Inside Scoop: Where Locals Camp

If you are feeling adventurous or prefer backpacking to proper campsites, there are several unique camping spots for you in Eğirdir.  Though technically unregistered campsites, you will likely find several fellow campers at these two locations in Eğirdir. 

Beachfront Community Camp Spot

Located at these coordinates: 37°51'10.7"N 30°51'19.2"E, this beach is known for its many campers. In the summer, some stay and barbeque late into the night, and others sleep overnight in tents at this location. This beachfront is the perfect place to make new friends and is conveniently located near a public restroom. 

Akpınar Mountain Campsite

Located at these coordinates: 37°51'15.4"N 30°49'47.6"E, it is a large plot of land that according to locals, is a great place to pitch a tent for the night. Surrounded by breathtaking mountains, this location is an inviting place for anyone who loves adventure. Be sure to avoid camping close to the Prostanna Ancient City, which borders a military base. If you continue on the  mountain road leading toward Ağılköy, you will find an open mountain side on which you can pitch your tent. 


by Abigail Goosen

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