Turkish Lesson 10: Turkish Numbers

Last Updated on April 8, 2024

In our previous lesson, you learned the months of the year in Turkish and some words related to them that need to be known. Now, it’s time to take a step further.

Knowing numbers is an essential step towards a smooth holiday experience in Turkey because, in daily life, people use numbers while shopping, exchanging telephone numbers, telling the date and time, and even simply when telling their age to carry on their conversations. So, by learning to count in Turkish, you will be able to get better prices and communicate better. 

Also, it’s always wise to know what comes before 1 and after 10 to understand prices. Unlike English, Turkish doesn’t have unique words for 11 and 12. Instead, these numbers are formed by using a combination of ten + the following cardinal number.

For example, eleven would be “ten one” in Turkish. So, it is even easier to learn how to count when learning Turkish.  

Turkish cardinal numbers 

The words below will teach you numbers in the Turkish language. (They're of two types: cardinal (one, two, three) and ordinal (first, second, third).

0 sıfır Zero Hava 0 derece. The weather is 0 degrees.
-1/4 çeyrek Quarter Saat 8’i çeyrek geçiyor. It’s quarter past 8.
-1/2 yarım/buçuk Half Yarım kilo peynir alacağım. I’ll take half a kilo of cheese.
1 bir One Bir top dondurma istiyorum. I want one scoop of ice cream.
2 iki Two Saat iki. It’s 2:00.
3 üç Three Üç gece kalacağım. I will stay for three days.
4 dört Four Dört kardeşim var. I have four siblings.
5 beş Five Beşinci kattayım. I’m on the fifth floor.
6 altı Six Türkiye’yi altı günlüğüne ziyaret edeceğim. I will visit Turkey for six days.
7 yedi Seven Bugün ayın yedisi. Today is the 7th.
8 sekiz Eight Saat 8’de buluşabilir miyiz? Can we meet at 8 o’clock?
9 dokuz Nine 9 numaralı otobüse binmeliyiz. We should take bus number 9.
10 on Ten Marketler sabah 10’da açılıyor. The markets open at 10 A.M.
11 on bir Eleven Randevum 11’de. My appointment is at 11 A.M.
12 on iki Twelve 12 yaşında bir kızım var. I have a 12 year old daugther.
13 on üç Thirteen Ayın 13’ü ülkeme dönüyorum. I’m going back to my country on the 13th of the month.
20 yirmi Twenty Kaldığım otel buradan yürüyerek 20 dakika uzaklıkta. The hotel I’m staying at is 20 minutes away from here.
30 otuz Thirty Otuz yaşındayım. I’m thirty years old.
40 kırk Forty 40 lira. It’s forty liras.
50 elli Fifty 50 dakika bekledim. I waited for 50 minutes.
60 altmış Sixty Altmış kiloyum. I’m sixty kilograms.
70 yetmiş Seventy 70 liralık alışveriş yaptım. I made a purchase of 70 liras.
80 seksen Eighty Annem seksen yaşında. My mother is 80 years old.
90 doksan Ninety Doksan liraya güzel bir şal aldım. I bought a beautiful scarf for ninety liras.
100 yüz Hundred Yüz lira olur mu? Is 100 liras enough?
200 iki yüz Two hundred Bugün 200 lira harcadım. I spent 200 liras today.
1000 bin Thousand Bu ayakkabılar 1000 TL. These shoes were 1000 TL.
2000 iki bin Two thousand  Bu otelin gecesi 2000 TL. This hotel is 2000 per/night.
10,000 on bin Ten thousand Bu evin aylık kirası 10,000. This house’s monthly rent is 10,000 lira.
1,000,000 milyon Million Antalya’da 7 milyona ev aldım. I bought a house in Antalya for 7 million.

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