The Difference in Luxury Tours of Turkey and Regular Tours

Last Updated on September 9, 2019

When planning your trip to Turkey, you will find that there are a variety of tours ranging in price, destinations, and activities. Tours can range from a half-day walking tour to get a feel for a destination to a 22-day all-inclusive luxury tour of the entire country.


Luxurious tours can include the following amenities: 


Each major region in Turkey has several outstanding, luxurious inns and hotels. From design, amenities, facilities, richness and chicness of decor, and number of staff, many of these hotels take lodging to a level of worldwide sophistication, and draw in the most exclusive clientele.


In each region you will find a variety of luxurious national and international chain hotels to choose from. A luxury tour gives you the opportunity to stay at some of Turkey’s top hotels.


It’s important to remember that Turkey is big. All of Turkey’s major cities and tourist destinations are spread throughout the country. The land spans 1,056 miles from the east to west coast. If you travel by road, this requires a trip of several days. However, you can fly from Istanbul (west) to Erzurum (east) in about two hours.


The best travel agencies in Turkey will make flight reservations for you based on your preferred seating, budget, and the tour in which you plan to embark on upon arrival. Luxury tours generally include luxury travel between cities as first class flights, private flights, and/or helicopter rides.


Private blue cruises are a popular luxury experience for tourists in Turkey. Private gulet cruises feature a flexible itinerary, allowing guests to change their plans if wanted. When choosing the best gulet for your tour, you have the option of traditional, deluxe, or luxury gulets. Each luxury private blue cruise has plenty of space and modernized amenities and features for a large number of guests. 


The price of a luxury private blue cruise covers fuel, captain and crew, required fees for sailing, water and laundry services, and equipment. When you choose your cruise, you will choose a “meal plan” that will lay out the food and beverages available on the gulet, as well as a schedule.


When embarking on a luxury tour, you will find that you have several options for transportation, including VIP ground transport. Often, the agency in which you plan your tour will provide access to the best possible ground transportation options to suit your party, budget, and destination needs.


As you travel throughout Turkey, you want the best guides to give you the best experience. Elite Private Guides in Turkey are not only advanced in their knowledge of the history of each destination, they also know detailed stories behind each place. Elite guides will help you discover the best restaurants, shops, activities, and cultural experiences as well as the up and coming hotspots that are growing in popularity. The elite private guides in Turkey are focused on prioritizing your experience as loyal, passionate guides who are available 24/7 to make sure you have the best possible experience while in Turkey.

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