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Last Updated on April 9, 2024

A 3- or 4-week trip to Turkey can be a more leisurely version of a 16- to 23-day tour, or an extended one.

For example, you could take a 16- to 23-day tour, then add extra days for shopping and museum-hopping in Istanbul, spending time at a beach resort on the Mediterraneanhiking in Cappadocia, or exploring some of the areas not included in your tour itinerary.

But to have everything planned and taken care of for you, a good choice is this:

West and East Turkey

25 Days

Rock Valley Travel operates this long and comprehensive trip through all the best of Turkey, including IstanbulGallipoli TroyEphesus, Kuşadası, Pamukkale & HierapolisKalkanAntalyaCappadociaNemrut DağıŞanlıurfaMardinLake VanDoğubeyazıtKars & Ani, and Trabzon on the Black Sea coastMore...

Self-Guided Tour of Eastern Turkey

Here's an itinerary you can do yourself, though it's easiest if you have a travel agency make at least the basic arrangements. More...

Other Suggestions

Here are some other suggestions for how best to spend your additional days:


Spend as much time as you like in my favorite city. Use it as a base to visit Edirne for its architecture, İznik (Nicaea) for its Roman and early Christian history, Bursa for its early Ottoman architecture, its hot mineral baths at Çekirge, its cuisine (especially İskender kebap!), and Mount Olympus, or Thrace and Tekirdağ for its vineyards and wineriesMore...

Aegean Coast

From Çanakkale on the Dardanelles, Gallipoli & Troy, ancient Bergama (Pergamum), the charming coastal resort towns of AssosDikili and Foça, the mountain hideaway of Mount Ida, the archaeologically-rich Ephesus region, to the glitzy resort towns of the Bodrum peninsula, you could easily spend an enjoyable month here. More...

Mediterranean Coast

From Marmaris to Antakya, the Turkish Mediterranean coast is 2200 km (1367 miles) long. The western Mediterranean coast is well developed for tourism and receives crowds of visitors every summer.

With your generous amount of time you can explore the calmer, less-visited eastern Mediterranean from Anamur via Silifke and Kızkalesi to AntakyaMore...


Turkey's most visually striking region deserves a minimum 3 nights, and you could easily spend up to a week here to see everything, including the seldom-visited towns of Niğde (and nearby Aladağlar National Park), Hacıbektaş and Kayseri, and explore the countryside for several fine Selçuk Turkish caravansarays, such as the Karatay Han. More...

Southeastern Turkey

If you have any interest in ancient or Biblical history, Turkey's southeast is for you. The world's oldest known religious site was discovered at Göbekli Tepe near Şanlıurfa. The Patriarch Abraham spent some time in Harran on his way to the Promised Land. More...

Eastern Turkey

Sometimes described as one huge national park, the rugged, mountainous, less-developed eastern region has lots of breathtaking scenery, ancient architecture, traditional culture, and very few tourists. More...

Black Sea Coast

A few days' drive along Turkey's Black Sea coast can be interesting, though the sea water is chilly and the sky often cloudy. The real treasures are the traditional towns and cities: SafranboluAmasraSinopAmasya and TrabzonMore...

—by Tom Brosnahan

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