11- to 15-Day Itineraries – Turkey

Last Updated on April 9, 2024

Two weeks (11 to 15 days) is a good amount of time for your trip to Turkey.

Here are some good TripKit™ self-guided itineraries, and also the best 11- to 15-day guided tours of Turkey for this amount of time.

TripKits™ Independent Itineraries

11-Day TripKit™ Self-Drive Itinerary

Here's an 11-day self-guided TripKit™tour to the top sights of Turkey, including EphesusKuşadasıPrieneMiletusDidymaAphrodisias, Hierapolis, PamukkaleKonyaCappadocia and Istanbul.

You can easily modify it, adding more days where you'd like to spend more time. More...

14-Day TripKit™ Self-Drive Itinerary

Though shown as a two-week self-drive trip, this itinerary can easily be modified to accommodate trips of 11 to 15 days, visiting IstanbulEphesusPamukkaleKonyaCappadocia, Ankara and other places, depending on time. More...

14-Day TripKit™ Car & Train Itinerary

This two-week self-guided trip visits Cappadocia, Konya,Ephesus and Istanbul, using a sleeping car on the Konya Blue Train to travel between Konya and İzmir., saving you a long drive and considerable expense. More...

Best 11- to 15-Day Guided Tours

—this amount of time opens you to all sorts of touring possibilities, with all the travel arrangements made by the experts:

—Top destinations: IstanbulKuşadasıEphesus,AphrodisiasPamukkale, AntalyaKonyaCappadocia.More...

—Top archeological sites: EphesusPrieneMiletusDidymaAphrodisiasHierapolisPhaselisAntalyaPergeAspendosMore...

—Turkey's Biblical sites: CappadociaTarsusAntakya (Antioch)Pamukkale & Laodicea, Alaşehir (Philadelphia), SardisEphesusİzmir (Smyrna)Bergama (Pergamum)İznik (Nicaea)More...

—by Tom Brosnahan

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