Best Tours in Cappadocia, Turkey

Joining a half-day or full-day guided tour of Cappadocia is an excellent idea because the region's local public transport network is weak.

Renting/hiring a car is a good but not perfect solution to the public-transport problem because finding your way around Cappadocia is tricky in some areas because of poor signage. A GPS is helpful, but not always accurate.

Hiring a car-and-driver is a good solution, especially if you have a small group of travelers who share the cost. Contact one of my recommended Cappadocia travel agencies for details.

In the end, for many visitors—even those who do not usually go on tours—, a guided tour makes sense, at least for a part of your touring.

Pupa Travel, a long-time proven quality travel agency (and a TurkeyTravelPlanner.com partner) has three "color-coded" Cappadocia tours covering all the major sights:

Blue Cappadocia Tour

The Blue Tour is the perfect full-day tour for your first day in Cappadocia, hitting all the top sights in the region of GöremeAvanos & UçhisarGöreme & Zelve Open-Air MuseumsUçhisar rock castle, Devrent & Paşabağı valleys, Avanos and Esentepe. Lunch is included. More...

Red Cappadocia Tour

The Red Tour, for your second day, takes you to places where you can walk and explore even more: Derinkuyu Underground CityIhlara Valley & its rock-hewn churches and villages of Belisırma and Selime; Agzıkarahan Seljuk Turkish caravansaray. Lunch is included. More...

Green Cappadocia Tour

If you have a third full day in Cappadocia, the Green Tour takes you to the next tier of sights, less well known but no less interesting: Kaymaklı Underground City, the less-visited Soğanlı Valley, the Roman city of Sobessos with its mosaic-floored houses, the ancient medrese (theological college) at Taşkınpaşa; Keslik Orthodox monastery, and the Ottoman Greek village of MustafapaşaMore...

Hot-air balloons swarm over Cappadocia...

Cappadocian Culture & Cuisine

Consult Turkish Heritage Travel if you'd like to go beyond the ordinary in biblical Cappadocia to the traditional culture, crafts, cave art and cuisine. They'll even arrange your wedding and/or honeymoon in suitable Cappadocian style. More...

Wine Tastings

Cappadocia has produced wine for thousands of years, and many of its grape varieties are indigenous and unknown in other wine regions. Today Cappadocian wines are better than ever, and a wine tasting is an eye-opening (not to mention palate-delighting) experience.

Cappadocian Wine Tastings? That's a specialty of Travel Atelier, which also offers full travel agency services, including complete Turkey tours, weddings and honeymoons, and even gulet yacht cruisesMore...

—by Tom Brosnahan

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