How to Get to Çesme from İzmir

Last Updated on June 6, 2024

Çeşme Peninsula is a popular beach holiday destination visited worldwide. The entire region is blessed with crystal-clear water, sandy beaches, and many natural and historical wonders. Moreover, it is a popular tourist destination with great restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, and services.

Where is Çeşme?

Çeşme, a favored tourist spot in Turkey, is located in the Aegean region near Izmir, only 90 km away from the city center and 15 km away from Sakız Adası (Chios Island).

Passangers onboarding Çeşme Shuttle

How to Travel from Izmir to Çeşme

Getting to Çeşme from Izmir is a straightforward trip. You have many options, and the road takes only a few hours. Let's look at the most common ways of traveling to Çeşme from Izmir:

1. Getting to Çeşme from Adnan Menderes (Izmir) Airport

Adnan Menderes Airport, Izmir

If you want to go to Çeşme with airway, the closest airport is located in Izmir. Luckily, the airport is only 95 km from Çeşme, and it takes 1.5 hours to travel. To go directly from Adnan Menderes Airport to Çeşme, you can use:

  • Taxis.
  • Havas shuttle buses departing nearly every 2 hours.

Alternatively, you can also use the buses and metro system to transfer between other routes. However, there is no direct line between Airport and Çeşme with public transportation, which can confuse travelers.

2. Getting to Çeşme from Izmir Bus Terminal

Izmir Bus Terminal rows of busses

Traveling between Izmir and Çeşme is even easier from the city bus terminal with more frequent lines. To travel directly from Izmir Bus Terminal to Çeşme you can use:

  • Taxis
  • Intercity buses departing nearly every 30 minutes. 

Alternatively, you can also use public transportation (only bus in this case) and transfer. However, no direct public transportation method operates between the bus terminal and Çeşme.

3. Getting to Çeşme from Fahrettin Altay (Metro)

Busses leaving to Çeşme from Fahrettin Altay Station

If you don't want to spend extra money and use public transportation, there are always buses from Fahrettin Altay to Çeşme. Fahrettin Altay is the last metro stop in Izmir, and you can easily travel from any point in Izmir using different methods. To travel from Fahrettin Altay to Çeşme, you can use:

  • Taxi
  • Private shuttle buses located at İlçe (District) Terminal near Istinye Park Mall. 
  • Public transportation using the 984 bus route at Fahrettin Altay to travel to Urla. From Urla, take the 760-numbered bus route to arrive at Çeşme, finally. 


While it is possible to use public transportation to travel to Çeşme from Fahrettin Altay, it can be highly confusing and time-consuming for inexperienced travelers. We advise using private shuttles leaving from Istinye Park Mall, which are almost near the cost of public transportation, with less hassle and stress.


Let's have a closer look at how to get on the private bus shuttles near Istinye Park Mall:

  1. After getting to Istinye Park Mall, almost just outside the Fahrettin Altay metro station, you must go through the park to reach the İlçe (District) Terminal
  2. Here, you will see many public and private shuttle buses. Private shuttle buses will have curtains on their windows and generally be white.
  3. Find the private shuttle bus next to the stand written Çeşme. Remember that the stand only accepts cash, so it is essential to carry some Turkish Lira.
  4. After you get your ticket, you can sit on your seat and wait until the bus departs. 
  5. The private shuttle bus will make stops at Alaçatı, Ilıca, and finally at Çeşme. So, remember to check your map to ensure you get off at the correct stop. 

4. Getting to Çeşme with a Rental Car

Rental Car Turkey

You can always use a rental car service to travel to Çeşme, and it might be the least time-consuming and stressful method. Finding a reliable rental car service is quite straightforward in Turkey, with rental vehicle companies striving to provide travelers with the most affordable and excellent service. 


You can find a rental car company in the airport (higher rates), online services (transparent pricing), and through your travel agency or hotel (overall best deals). Travel agencies also will offer discounts and extra services to ensure you are satisfied with the assistance.

To travel from Izmir to Çeşme with a rental car, you will need to use highway number 32 connecting Izmir to Çeşme. You can search on Google Maps, Apple Maps, or Yandex Maps for easier directions. 


Keep in mind you must have an HGS sticker on your car (generally pre-mounted on your vehicle) and pay an inexpensive toll. For more details, consult your rental car company or travel agency beforehand.


Tips for Traveling to Çeşme From Izmir

While there are many options for traveling to Çeşme from Izmir, it is best to use a private shuttle service or taxi if you are unfamiliar with Izmir, or Turkish roads. Using a rental car service is also convenient if you can drive and guide Turkish roads. Meanwhile, choosing public transportation can be confusing and stressful if you are unfamiliar with Turkey. 


If you use a shuttle bus service, ask the driver for help. The shuttle services will stop on several stops before arriving at Çeşme. If you can't communicate with the driver, use your maps to check your location and get off at the correct stop. 


While in Çeşme, remember to use the ferries to travel to the famous Chios Island (Greek Island). It is only 15 km away and takes only half an hour to transit.


Enjoy Çeşme Today!

Traveling to Çeşme from Izmir is quite straightforward if you know what method you will use. There are several options to choose from that are suitable for all budgets. 


Regardless of your choice, enjoy your trip and glimpse the beautiful Aegean scenery on your way!


—by Can Turan

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