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Last Updated on April 28, 2024

The most used method of transportation in Izmir is the metro system, an advanced railway system connecting each corner of the municipality. So, you can use it to reach most of your desired destinations in and out of the city. 

Currently, Izmir has four railway lines (map): the metro line, the Izban Line, and two separate tram lines on opposite coasts of the Gulf of Izmir (map). These railway lines interconnect through transfer stations throughout the city. 

Also, another tram line, called Çiğli Tram Line, is planned to start service in late 2023.

Izmir's Metro System Guide

Traveling with the metro line in Izmir is straightforward, with many routes connecting all major destinations (including Adnan Menderes Airport) in Izmir. 

To use Izmir's metro system, you must have an Izmirim card (Izmirim kart), sold in card offices throughout Izmir. Keep in mind these offices operate between 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM and 1:00 - 5:30 PM during only weekdays. If you don't have an Izmirim card but need to use the metro line, you can get a one-time-use card from the top-up machines near the metro station or your Visa card. Keep in mind the top-up machines will not accept more than TRY 50.

The biggest advantage of the Izmirim card is that you can use it for other public transportation methods, such as ferries(link when the page is ready) and buses. Also, if you use public transportation for the second and third time within 120 minutes, you will only pay a reduced transfer fee. Using the official website to top-up your card online is also possible! 

Izmir's tram line.
Izmir Tram station

Railway Lines of Izmir

As we explained earlier, Izmir has four railway lines interconnected through transfer stations. Now, let's look at each railway line closer:

You can follow along the map to understand Izmir's railway system better. 

Metro Line

There is currently one metro line in use.  Although construction has started on the M2 line, it has not yet opened. There are two other lines also planned but not yet under construction. 

The metro line, colored red on the map, is the main railway line in Izmir used by thousands daily. The metro line starts at Fahrettin Altay Station, located in the Konak district of Izmir, and ends at Evka 3 Station in the Bornova district of Izmir. 

Using the metro line, you can reach most central spots in Izmir.


Major Stations/Destinations along the Metro Line

Konak Station is the transfer station for Konak Ferry Port and is used to reach historic Konak Square, Agora Open Air Museum, Izmir Clock Tower, Kadifekale, Izmir Historical Asansor, and Kızlarağası Hanı (Kemeraltı Bazaar)

Fahrettin Altay Station is the transfer station for the Konak Tram Line and intercity buses to the Çeşme Peninsula.

Basmane Station is used to reach Basmane Train Station, where you can hop on the trains to reach other destinations and cities outside of Izmir. 

Hilal and Halkapınar Stations are the transfer stations for the Izban Line, used for reaching Selçuk/Ephesus and Adnan Menderes Airport). Note in Halkapınar Station, you can also transfer to the Konak tram line. 

Izban Line

The Izban Line, colored dark blue on the map, is the other major railway line in Izmir. It comes in handy, especially when traveling to the airport and Ephesus

The Izban Line operates between Menemen Station, located in Menemen province, and passes through the Karşıyaka and Konak Districts of Izmir, to Adnan Menderes Airport and finally reaching Tepeköy Station (just half an hour away from Ephesus.)


Major Stations/Destinations in the Izban Line

Mavişehir and Alaybey Stations are used for connecting to the Karşıyaka Tram Line as well as the ferry ports in Karşıyaka. 

Halkapınar Station is used to transit between the Konak Tram Line and metro line. 

Adnan Menderes Airport Station is used to reach the airport. 

Tepeköy Station is used to transit to Ephesus with another train line or by taxi. 

Konak Tram Line

Trams have been a part of Izmir's public transportation for a long time, operating between coastal destinations since the 1880s. 

The Konak Tram Line is Izmir's new and renewed tram line, operating since 2018. The Konak Tram Line follows the same destination as the metro line except for reaching Alsancak Train Station (used for commuter rail routes connecting Selçuk, Tepeköy, Menemen, Adnan Menderes Airport, and other local destinations.) instead of Basmane Train Station. 


Major Stations/Destinations in the Konak Tram Line

Konak Iskele Station is used for transferring to the metro line and Konak Ferry Port.

Alsancak Gar Station is used to reach Alsancak Train Station and the Izban Line. 

Halkapınar Station is used to reach the Izban Line and the metro line. 

Karşıyaka Tram Line

The Karşıyaka Tram Line is the other tram line used in Izmir. It connects other train stations on the opposite side of the Gulf of Izmir. However, it is not as useful as the Konak Tram Line. 

The Karşıyaka Tram Line follows the same destination as the Izban Line. However, nearer to the coast. The tram line starts at the Ataşehir Station, connecting to the Mavişehir Station of the Izban Line, and ends at the Alaybey Station, the other transfer station to the Izban Line.


Major Stations/Destinations in the Karşıyaka Tram Line

Ataşehir Stations and Alaybey Stations are used for transfering to the Izban Line.

Karşıyaka Iskele Station is used for transfering to Karşıyaka Ferry Port. 

Bostanlı Iskele Station is used for transfering to Bostanlı Ferry Port. 


Navigate Izmir with Ease 

Izmir has a well-developed railway system that connects major points of the city and nearby towns. Using the metro system in Izmir is simple and has advantages over other public transportation methods.

Remember to get your Izmirim card before boarding to take advantage of the benefits. Alternatively, you can also use your Visa card. 

- by Can Turan

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