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Last Updated on January 30, 2023

Argeus Travel & Events operates some of the best value-for-money tours in the country: most charming hotels, local restaurants, high-quality guides and transportation. Their programs range from excellent 14-day tours of all the top destinations to regional mini-tours of 1, 2, and 3 nights.

Classical Turkey Tour

14-Day Group Tour - Seven Guaranteed Departures
Classical Turkey visits the highlights of Istanbul, the ancient cities of EphesusPamukkaleAntalyaKonya and biblical Cappadocia— all the top sights in Turkey in only two weeks, including a one-hour hot-air balloon flight. US$3795.

Highlights of Turkey & Gulet Cruise

14-day Group Tour - Two Guaranteed Departures
Beginning with all the sights in Istanbul and Cappadocia, the Highlights of Turkey Tour takes you to Konya and Pamukkale, then on a 4-day gulet yacht cruise along the Mediterranean coast, then on land to the ancient cities of DidymaMiletusPriene and Ephesus. US$4190.

Express Turkey

10-day Private Tour
You only have 10 days, and you want to see all the top sights as efficiently as possible. That would be Express Turkey, which takes you to Turkey's top three destinations—IstanbulEphesus/Pamukkale, and Cappadocia—in exactly 10 days.

Istanbul & Cappadocia Private Tour

7-day Private Tour
This private tour, three days and nights in Istanbul and three in Cappadocia, gives you a good look at Turkey's top two destinations and all of their major sights. Price depends on the number of people on the tour. Make up your own group and the price is less for each participant.


Explore Turkish Flavours Culinary Tour

10-Day Group Tour - Two Guaranteed Departures
The world has discovered Turkish-Mediterranean cuisine, that savory art of the best ingredients carefully prepared to enhance their native flavors. Explore Turkish Flavours takes you to city markets and traditional restaurants where you'll meet local staff and probe the secrets of this world-class cuisine. Note that you'll visit all the top sights as well: Istanbul's Topkapı PalaceHagia SophiaBlue MosqueCistern BasilicaChora Church, a Bosphorus Cruise, the Grand Bazaar and Egyptian "Spice" Bazaar, Rüstem Pasha Mosque; the Göreme Open-Air Museum, wineries and other sights of Cappadocia, an optional hot-air balloon flightEphesus, the Olive Oil Museum, the market in the town of Tiré, and more. US$3850.

Black Sea & Eastern Turkey Tour

15-Day Private Tour
On their second or third visit to Turkey, many travelers want to explore the legendary Black Sea coast and Eastern Turkey, a region once described as "one enormous national park." Starting in historic Trabzon, you visit the Sumela Monastery and other sights before climbing through dense forests to the Anatolian Plateau and Erzurum, "capital" of the East, with its superb examples of medieval Seljuk Turkish architecture. Then to Kars and the haunting ruins of Ani, Biblical Harran and Göbekli Tepe, the world's oldest religious site; Mount Nemrut, with its colossal stone statues to the gods. After three days seeing the sights in Cappadocia, you drive to Ankara for visits to the Anatolian Civilizations Museum and other sights. Price depends on the number of people on the tour. Make up your own group and the price is less for each participant. 

Argeus Mini-Tours

If you prefer to plan the major part of your travel itinerary yourself, you can still profit from Argeus's local expertise by booking one or more of their regional private mini-tours. Price depends on the number of people joining the tour. Assemble your own group and everyone pays less.

Cappadocia Mini-Tours

Depending on your schedule, choose the 2-day/1-night, 3-day/2-night or 4-day/3-night mini-tour to see the best of the amazing region of Cappadocia. The 4-day tour includes a hot-air balloon flight.

Aegean Region Mini-Tours

Two-day/1 night and 3-day/2 night mini-tours show you the top sights according to the time you have: EphesusAphrodisiasPamukkale and others.

Antalya Mini-Tours

Want a quick get-away to the Mediterranean coast for two days and a night? This 2-day/1-night tour takes you to Antalya, Turkey's most popular beach resort, and the superb ancient sites right around it: TermessosPerge and Aspendos, as well as the Archeology MuseumKurşunlu Watefalls, and old Roman Antalya itself.

Mountain Bike Tours

Love mountain biking? You've come to the right place. The guys who run Argeus are avid mountain bikers. They know all the best trails and routes in Cappadocia, Turkey's best biking region; all about equipment, and how to make your tour unforgettable.

They'll take you on a half-day or full-day bike tour of Cappadocia, or you can join their 9-Day Mountain Bike Tourwith four guaranteed departures for US$1220.

—by Tom Brosnahan

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