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Last Updated on April 2, 2024

After exploring the numerous grand historical sites in Istanbul, many individuals aspire to travel to Bursa to experience its rich historical texture, from the Grand Mosque to the Muradiye Complex. Although there are many transportation options for reaching Bursa from Istanbul, taking a ferry is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque options available.

Two companies, BUDO (Bursa Deniz Otobüsleri) and İDO (İstanbul Deniz Otobüsleri), operate fast catamaran passenger ferries across the Sea of Marmara between Istanbul's Kabataş docks and  Bursa (map) in about 2 hours. Both are municipal companies owned by their respective city governments.

Each offers between 4 and 8 voyages daily in each direction, depending on the day of the week (Saturday has the fewest) and the season of the year. There are snack bars serving snacks, sandwiches, hot beverages, soft drinks, and excellent ferry services on board the vessels.

Keep in mind that after using a ferryboat to reach Bursa, you will get off at Bursa's Mudanya, or Güzelyalı district, and still need to transport to Bursa city center.

BUDO fast ferry at Mudanya.

Overview of Ferryboat Services Between Bursa and Istanbul

As we mentioned, there are two companies, BUDO (Bursa Deniz Otobüsleri) and İDO (İstanbul Deniz Otobüsleri), that operate between Bursa and Istanbul (and other destinations in the Marmara region), and each has their own routes.

1. BUDOEminönü/Sirkeci - Mudanya

Bursa Deniz Otobüsleri (BUDO) operates at least seven voyages daily between Istanbul's Eminönü and Sirkeci docks and Bursa's Mudanya docks.

The BUDO website shows seat availability, so even if you can't succeed in making a reservation online, you can see if a voyage is already sold out. If it is not, you can try going to the Eminönü and Sirkeci docks, ready to travel 30 to 60 minutes before departure time. In most cases, you should be able to get on the boat.

Bursa - Istanbul Ferry Destinations

Bursa (Mudanya) - İstanbul (Eminönü/Sirkeci)

İstanbul (Eminönü/Sirkeci) - Bursa (Mudanya)

2. İDOYenikapı - Güzelyalı

İDO operates three ferry routes to Bursa and is owned and operated by the Istanbul municipality. Fast İDO car ferries speed between Istanbul's Yenikapı docks and Güzelyalı, just east of Mudanya and 30 km (19 miles) northwest of Bursa on the south shore of the Sea of Marmara. However, note that İDO car ferries between Istanbul's Yenikapı and Pendik docks with Yalova have been canceled after operating for more than 20 years.

Unfortunately, buying tickets for İDO boats can be a time-wasting challenge, and you may not be able to buy tickets at all. We recommend using third-party websites such as Obilet.com or contacting your travel agency for them to buy tickets for you.

Istanbul - Bursa Ferry Destinations

  • Kadıköy – Yenikapı – Bursa
  • Kadıköy –Yenikapı –Armutlu Tatil Köyü, Armutlu – Bursa
  • Yenikapı – Bursa

From Ferry Dock to Central Bursa

When traveling by ferry from Istanbul to Bursa, you will arrive at either Güzelyalı or Mudanya ports. After debarking at Güzelyalı or Mudanya, you will still need to transport to Bursa's city center. Luckily, many buses carry passengers between Bursa's docks and the city center.

To get to the city center, go to the bus station near the dock and look for yellow city buses, 2U, F-3, F-1,  or 1-GY, which will take you 20 or 30 minutes to the Emek İstasyonu terminus or any other metro terminus of Bursaray (Bursa's Metro Line), from which it's another 25- to 35-minute ride to the city center station of Şehreküstü. We recommend using maps like Google Maps to ensure you don't miss your destination. Alternatively, you can use a taxi to reach the city center as well.

From Bursa, you can catch an onward bus to anywhere in the Aegean region (map), and indeed anywhere in Turkey.

Buying Tickets Online

Important! If you buy your ferry tickets online by credit card, you must have that same credit card and your PNR (ticket reservation code) with you at the dock to print your ferry ticket! Another option is to buy your ferry ticket from the ticket offices at the ports.

Other Sea of Marmara Ferries

There are other ferry services between Istanbul and other ports on the Sea of Marmara's southern shore.

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