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Last Updated on January 17, 2024

Founding Author

Tom Brosnahan

the founder of Turkey Travel Planner, is a veteran guidebook author, travel writer and photographer, and consultant on travel information to companies and government agencies.

He has written over 40 guidebooks for Berlitz, Frommer’s and Lonely Planet covering Belize, Canada, Egypt, England, France, Guatemala, Israel, Mexico, Morocco, New England, Tunisia and Turkey, with nearly four million copies in print worldwide in more than 10 languages. He’s also written a memoir about Turkey, travel, and travel writing: Turkey: Bright Sun, Strong Tea. Read more about Tom. 

Lead Writers

Mark Wilson

is the founder and director of the Asia Minor Research Center in Antalya, Turkey, a country in which he and his wife Dindy have lived since 2004. The purpose of the AMRC is to advance the study of early Judaism and Christianity in Asia Minor. He regularly leads study trips to the biblical sites throughout the Mediterranean region. He is the author and editor of numerous books, articles, and reviews. Read more about his work here.

Kimberly Price

is a travel writer and English teacher from the United States.  She first fell in love with Turkey when visiting İstanbul and the Mediterranean during the summer of 2018. After living in East Asia for a decade, she moved to İzmir in 2019. She enjoys discovering quiet seaside towns and quaint mountain villages. After visiting more than 35 countries, one of her all-time favorite destinations is still Kaş, located on the Mediterranean Coast in southern Turkey. Find a list of her articles here.

Christopher Vannoy

Christopher Vannoy is a long-time wine aficionado whose broad travels gave him a diverse range of experience with wine tasting. With a background in business, travel, and engineering, he has a unique approach to critiquing wines. Originally from the US, he settled in a small village near Antalya, and brings more than 20 years of experience with Turkish wines with over 400 wine reviews. He enjoys guiding others in experiencing Turkish wines, on his website.  Read more about his work here.

Danielle Jose

is an American/Canadian who spent most of her childhood in Turkey. She has traveled to over 25 countries and has a deep love for culture, meeting new people, and finding the perfect coffee shop. Cappadocia is one of her favorite places to visit in Turkey, as well as anywhere on the Mediterranean. She now resides in Antalya, Turkey with her husband and daughter. 

Abigail Goosen

 is pursuing a BA in Journalism and Integrated Media with a minor in Middle Eastern Studies. Having lived and studied in varying cultural contexts, she has a deep passion for people, history, food, language, and cross-cultural understanding. She plans to use journalism as a tool to highlight the beauty of varying cultures, historical sites, and people groups. Having spent much of her childhood in Adana and Izmir, Abigail has a deep appreciation and love for Turkey and all of its treasures. Read more about her work here.

Caleb Bowman

is a student pursuing a BA in History and Intercultural Studies at Palm Beach Atlantic University. He grew up overseas in both Africa and South Asia and loves traveling all over the world. He is particularly interested in how history and archaeology reveal the depths of culture and the development of society. He has studied archaeology at the University of Oxford and completed excavation training at the Irish Archaeology Field School. He hopes to pursue further degrees in archaeology and historical preservation. He plans to use these studies as a means to highlight the rich beauty of different cultures and their long historical narratives. Read more about his work here.

Julide Koca

 is a passionate traveler who began her journey in Belgium and Switzerland before landing in Turkey. Learning about new cultures has become a lifestyle for her. She is a student of American Culture and Literature studies at Istanbul University. In addition to her passion for writing, she also studies Radio and Television programming.  Inspired by what she sees through her lens, she captures moments, thereby creating memories of her journey to share with others. Read more about her work here.

İsmail Can Turan 

is a former English teacher turned content creator with a passion for exploring new cultures and languages. Driven by a love for sharing his knowledge with others, he now dedicates his time to writing about a diverse range of topics, celebrating the wonders of the world. Can's enthusiasm for learning and discovery shines through in his engaging content as he invites readers to join him on his journey of cultural exploration and appreciation. Read more about his work here.

Melike Kocaer

is a student pursuing a double major in Law and International Relations at Istanbul Bilgi University. She was born and raised in Antalya, Turkey. She has a passion for traveling, trying local foods and different coffee beans, exploring new cultures, and meeting new people around the world. She has visited the UK, France, Switzerland, Italy, and Germany and is looking forward to new trips. She loves Latin America and is learning Spanish. She feels enthusiastic to share the best tips from her country with anyone who wishes to visit. Read more about her work here.

Duru Nemutlu

a final year student majoring in English Language and Literature at Yaşar University, and a passionate content creator. Beyond her passion for literature, her heart finds its best expression in the world of travel and exploration. Captivated by the beauty of different places and cultures, she embarks on journeys to capture mesmerising moments through her lens and immortalize them in words. She invites you to wander together and be enchanted by the wonders that await at every corner. Read more about her work here.


Sydney Mallard

Sydney has been a resident of Antalya since 2022. Her work weaves narratives through freelance journalism and photography. As an advocate for ethical journalism and responsible photography, she believes in the responsibility that comes with her craft, striving to tell stories that not only inform but also create understanding and connection among people from diverse nations. Producing content that serves as a bridge between cultures, she aims to create a more informed, appreciated, and interconnected world. She joins TTP's media team, and you can find her work across our social media accounts.

Sonia Anand

is recent graduate of Montclair State University ’21, Sonia holds a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Management. She was born and raised in New Jersey by a British-Indian family of entrepreneurs and holds dual nationality in the United States & United Kingdom. At 18 years old, Sonia embarked on her first international trip with her high school to Europe. She visited various countries including France, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Read more about her work here.

Areej Ebaid

Hi! I am Areej Ebaid. A travelling enthusiast. I write and photograph to document the humanity of moments. I am taking you on a journey with me to discover the beauty of the world’s capital, our magical Istanbul. Get ready to see the colors of Istanbul through my words and pictures.

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