Best Carpet Shops in Istanbul

Last Updated on May 6, 2024

Shopping for a Turkish rug can turn into a tricky task. Aside from facing numerous decisions in choosing the perfect carpet, you also must investigate to confirm that the product being sold to you is 100% real.

The most authentic carpets are made of naturally dyed pure silk thread and are often considered a serious investment. This is because the threading process can take up to six months for the small decorative pieces and years for carpets larger than two square meters. The combination of materials used and the manufacturing time creates an expensive product. These products are some of the finest in the world, and if they are offered to you for significantly less than a thousand dollars (or a few thousand), you may be looking at an alternative product.

All professional carpet sellers have incredible knowledge of the traditional patterns, dyes, motifs, and motifs to explain the meaning behind the symbols in each carpet. They will always tell you what it stands for, leaving it up to you to choose the overall product that best suits you. Additionally, tassels on the carpets contribute in identifying which thread was used to create it.

Vezirhan Carpets

Fourth generation carpet craftsman, Salman Abi, grew up in Eastern Turkey with the heritage and lifestyle of making and selling traditional carpets. Abi’s mother was a very skilled and made amazing pieces using natural colors.

Each carpet at Vezirhan is made by hand by skilled and passionate artists. Most importantly, each of the carpets sold at Vezirhan comes with a certificate verifying authenticity from the region in which it’s materials originated.

Abi encourages shoppers to only purchase the products they love, free of pressure during the selling process. In addition, buyers receive free shipping.

Punto Carpets

For over a decade we have seen Punto offering a wide range of high quality, authentic, hand-made rugs as new, antique, and vintage. You will find fine rugs from timeless classics to exotic contemporary in special collections as well. Their antique Turkish and Persian rugs collection has been gathered with the expertise of literally generations. Also the pure silk rugs are woven on the masters-looms of the famous Ozipek and Cinar families and considered to be their signature collection.

Ethnicon/Dhoku Carpets 

Owner Memet Gureli runs EthniCon and Dhoku in Istanbul to sell some of the highest quality Turkish carpets to consumers from around the world. He is a third generation carpet salesman who has been selling in the Grand Bazaar for 45 years. As the most award-winning rug company in Turkey, EthniCon offers outstanding prices for their Turkish carpets of the highest quality and style without overcharging customers, as many carpet shops do. 

Tell Dhoku/Ethnicon Carpets that "Turkey Travel Planner sent you" for best pricing, often times additional discounts, and assurance of an excellent experience because of the valued TTP recommendation!

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