Transport for Kayseri, Turkey

Last Updated on August 19, 2023

Kayseri is a major transport nexus in Central Anatolia and holds the principal airport for Cappadocia (map).

Here’s information on travel to Cappadociafrom other major destinations in Turkey.


Several flights daily go from/to Istanbul. Kayseri’s Erkilet Airport has a brand-new modern terminal. Shuttle buses coordinated with flight times take you to or from your hotel in any Cappadocian town such as Göreme or Ürgüp for a reasonable fare.

Argeus Tourism & Travel of Ürgüp operates the Turkish Airlines airport-to-hotel shuttle service.

Rock Valley Travel of Ürgüp operates shuttles for Onur Air and Sun Express flights.

Peerless Travel of Ürgüp operates the shuttle service for Pegasus Air and Sun Express.

Reserve your shuttle seat in advance to be sure of your ride. If you don’t have a reservation, there may be a seat, or there may not.

Taxis from the airport charge approximately TL15 to take you to the city center, TL27 to the bus terminal, TL60 to Mount Erciyes, and TL100 to Cappadocia (ÜrgüpGöreme, etc.). Check with the driver(s) for current fares, as these may have changed.


Kayseri has a busy bus terminal, with frequent, convenient service to AnkaraNevşehir (for Cappadocia) and Sivas, among other cities. Minibuses shuttle travelers on the hour-long trip between Kayseri and most Cappadocian towns such as AvanosGöremeand Ürgüp.

Here are distances and travel times by road to and from Kayseri.


The main railway line runs from Ankara to Kayseri, then splits, one line running east to Sivas, the other south to NiğdeKaraman and Adana, skirting Cappadocia to the east and south.

Express trains take about seven hours to cover the distance between Ankara and Kayseri. (Compare this to the bus’s four hours from Ankara to Nevşehir.)

The Doğu Ekspresi departs Ankara in the evening and arrives at Kayseri about 01:00 am.


Booking a transfer can be an excellent option if traveling alone or in a group. There is always plenty of room for luggage and passengers, the driver arrives on time, and there is the added peace of mind of security and sanitization.

—Tom Brosnahan

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