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Last Updated on September 29, 2023


Turkey is a huge country with 81 cities and seven geographical regions with well-developed roads and bus firms connecting all cities. 

In fact, Turkey is known to have one of Europe's highest quality ratings for roads and highways (better than the UK, Norway, Greece, and Italy). Correspondingly, bus companies that run between cities and towns offer services at competitive and affordable rates.

Nevertheless, choosing a good bus firm, especially for overnight buses, will be crucial for a pleasant trip. Well-established national companies with the best buses and safety records include the following.

Kamil Koç

Kamil Koç is among Turkey's oldest bus companies (founded 1926), with a long list of destinations, mostly in the Aegean and western Anatolia regions. However, you can find a ticket for most cities in Turkey and buy your bus ticket using FlixBus's website.

Metro Turizm 

Metro Turizm is one of Turkey's largest companies and route systems, serving the entire country as well as neighboring Middle East and West Asian countries and Europe. Also, their website supports English.

Pamukkale Turizm

Pamukkale Turizm is a major company serving the Aegean coast (lots of small towns), Denizli and Pamukkale, western and central Anatolia, and some points on the Black Sea and Mediterranean coasts. Unfortunately, there isn't an English language option on their website, but you can make use of the translation feature on many web browsers in order to purchase tickets.

Efe Tur

Efe Tur, founded in 1990, is another well-known Turkish bus firm serving mostly the Aegean and Marmara (Thrace) regions. However, there isn't an English option on the website.

Asya Tur

Asya Tur is a longstanding company running buses to the Aegean, Black Sea, and Mediterranean coasts. However, their website doesn’t have English language support.

Istanbul Seyahat

Istanbul Seyahat serves Thrace, Aegean, and Mediterranean Turkey. But, they don’t have English language support.

How to Buy Bus Tickets in Turkey

Buying bus tickets in Turkey can be simple. Generally, you have four options when purchasing a bus ticket in Turkey:

  1. Buy in-office at the bus terminal or ticket offices throughout the country. 
  2. Buy online on the firm's website. 
  3. Buy through your tourism agency. 
  4. Buy through third-party platforms such as obilet.com. 

Here are more details and a full guide on how to buy bus tickets in Turkey.

How to Ensure a Bus Company is Reliable

Ensuring a bus company is reliable or not can be tricky if you don't use a reputable firm. Nevertheless, you can use the following criteria to ensure your bus firm is trustworthy:

  1. Check Google Reviews: Google comments should be your first stop in checking the quality of a firm. Read the comments left by people thoroughly. 
  2. Check Their Website: If you can't find any comments, make sure they have an online presence, which you can use to contact if you ever run into a problem. 
  3. Check If They are Listed on Major Platforms: If they don't have Google reviews or a website, try checking major third-party platforms such as Obilet to see if they are listed. 

Travel by Bus in Turkey

Turkey is a huge country with many rich historical and cultural treasures spread throughout the land. 

Visiting these amazing destinations is quite easy, with high-quality roads and premium-rate bus firms ready to serve its travelers. Just make sure to book your trip from a reputable firm and book in advance during the peak season or any national holidays. 

—by Tom Brosnahan, updated by Can Turan

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